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Our Frank Geniuses™ work with you to get you the maximum aid that you deserve. All your information is stored confidentially and securely, and is only used to get your aid.

Our experienced professionals have a proven track record of getting people the aid they need. We work with you to make sure that all your documents are submitted to get you the maximum amount of aid.



We've helped thousands of families receive up to $15,000 more in aid per year. Financial aid officers prefer working with us because we are professional and efficient. Don't miss out on the aid your deserve!

Damien Jones, Student

"Frank stepped in when I felt that no one could help. Receiving an EFC I could not meet was daunting. Frank was there every step of the way, from helping me file FAFSA to negotiating my award and ensuring I could afford college."


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80% of people who appeal their aid ​with us receive more money!

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Our Frank Geniuses will:

  • Research your school's aid policies
  • Collect your evidence for the reconsideration request
  • Write a personalized letter of appeal

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