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How Do Aid Appeals Work?

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We are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education. Federal Student Aid (FSA), an office of the U.S. Department of Education, makes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form and assistance available to the public for free at

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You did everything you were supposed to do. You filed your FAFSA® on time. You didn’t miss a single deadline. You even spent time every weekend applying for scholarships. But, despite all your efforts, you still don’t have enough money to cover tuition.

What do you do now? Attend community college? Forego your college dreams?

No, of course not!! Now, it’s time to negotiate.

Did you know you could negotiate or appeal for more financial aid from your college? Here’s how!

How do you know if you can negotiate for more aid?

First, you’ll want to figure out which category fits you best. I’ll outline them for you below.

Major Life Changes

Has your life drastically changed in the past two years? If you fit into this category, you’ll be able to appeal for more aid based on your change in financial circumstances.

Accolades and Accomplishments

For students with stellar grades, you’ll be able to negotiate for more aid based on merit. It helps if you’re an active volunteer at your school or in your community, too!

Multiple Offers

If you applied to another school and they offered you a better aid package, you can use that to negotiate for more aid. Schools will compete for your attendance!

So, if the college you want to attend sees that another school is willing to offer you more money – they’re very likely to match or even exceed the competing offer!


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       I absolutely love this! Originally I went back to school at 25 because I just couldn’t afford it and then they say “oh here’s your financial aid” but you have to wait 3 months and it's just that I can’t do that. And then I find Frank, and the entire reason I can get my bachelor’s degree is because your service exists.

William P.
Chicago, IL

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The U.S. Government has approved $14B in funding for colleges and their students who have been impacted by COVID-19. Frank helps you apply for grants from your school. Aid is first-come, first-served!

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Here is a complete list of what you’ll need to have to submit your application:

Step 1: Eligibility

Students and/or their parents who have experienced one or more of the following since March 1, 2020 would be eligible to apply: 

I got fired (student and/or parent)

I am furloughed (student and/or parent)

I work fewer hours (student and/or parent)

I have an unexpected expense I can’t pay for (student and/or parent)

Step 2: Student Info

You'll need the following information for the school to process your application: 

Your Student I.D.

Your Student Email Address

Step 3: Documentation

You'll need the following documentation supporting your claim: 

Termination letter OR Furlough confirmation OR Time Sheets (student and/or parent)

6 months of bank statements (optional)

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After serving students for years, we understand the value of excellent customer support -- especially at a time like this. We have a team of dedicated financial aid professionals trained on the application process and walking students through the process free of charge.

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There’s a lot going on and we’re here to help. If you know students who may be struggling, please share the love and send this page to anyone you think should be applying for an emergency grant.

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