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DORSEY SCHOOLS 2019 Financial Aid

Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne

Students pay less for college with FRANK:



Cost of Attendance


Potential Cost

Students pay less for college with FRANK:


Cost of Attendance


Potential Cost

How FRANK can help you

afford Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne

How FRANK can help you afford Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne

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Everything you need to know

about Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne

Everything you need to know about Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne

  • Private


  • Suburban



When it comes to choosing where you’ll pursue your higher education, location matters. That’s why it’s important to note that DORSEY SCHOOLS is located in the Great Lakes region of the United States, with all the amenities and/or charm it brings. About 196 undergraduate students attend this institution, which is nestled in the city of Wayne, MI. 100% of entering students are first-time, full-time students. This means this school generally caters to traditional students who are going to college right after high school.

Funding your future

Costs & financial aid at Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne

The full cost of attendance at Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne is $28,775. To help pay for it:


Apply for Financial Aid

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Got a Pell Grant

Want free money? This is the percentage of students here that got some with Pell Grants.


Get a Federal Loan

You can usually get a sense of how expensive a school is based on how many students take out loans.

Cost of Attendance includes the estimated cost of necessities (textbooks, supplies, etc.) that help you thrive during your educational journey. Remember to be prepared for the expense.

The Wayne campus offers a variety of programs for those looking to train for a new career in either the health care or skilled trades field. Their healthcare programs offer students the opportunity to seek a degree in medical assistants, practical nursing, pharmaceutical technology, and much more.

Students at Dorsey can pay for their education through need and non-need based financial aid programs. For more information about Dorsey’s financial aid resources, visit the Financial Aid page on the Dorsey Schools website.

Dorsey School of Beauty Taylor is the main Dorsey campus. However, Dorsey Business Schools at Wayne is institutionally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science (NACCAS). At Wayne campus, students have access to computer labs and facilities before and after regular class hours.

What you need to know

When you apply to Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne

Quick Fact #1quick fact #1You can apply year round to this school… it’s always in session!
Quick Fact #2quick fact #2This school has open admission! That means that you can apply without an SAT or ACT score. All you need is your high school diploma or GED to apply.
Fun Fact #1fun fact #1Out of all undergrad students who attend this school, 100% go full-time.
Fun Fact #2fun fact #2Is the average age of the student here a factor in your consideration of this school? We gotchu — it’s 28.

Graduation Outcomes

Your future by the numbers


Average Salary After Attending



Average Federal Student Loan Debt



Typical Monthly Loan Payment


Need money for Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne?

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