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How to get Purdue-West Lafayette financial aid?

Purdue University-Main Campus

West Lafayette, IN

Students pay less for college with FRANK:



Cost of Attendance


Potential Cost

Students pay less for college with FRANK:


Cost of Attendance


Potential Cost

How FRANK can help you

afford Purdue University-Main Campus

How FRANK can help you afford Purdue University-Main Campus

Easy FAFSA® Filing

Our free and easy platform guides you through FAFSAs® hundreds of fields, helping you complete it in as little as 7 minutes!

Aid Negotiation

You may qualify for a discounted tuition. If you have an aid award that is not meeting your needs, you may be qualified and we can help!

Everything you need to know

about Purdue University-Main Campus

Everything you need to know about Purdue University-Main Campus

  • 4 Years


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4 Years

Fan of the climate, vibes, and values of the Great Lakes region? That’s where you’ll be if you go to Purdue-West Lafayette, located in West Lafayette, IN. You’ll be surrounded by 30,849 other undergraduate students, creating unforgettable memories both in and beyond the classroom. 87% of entering students are first-time, full-time students. This means this school generally caters to traditional students who are going to college right after high school.

Funding your future

Costs & financial aid at Purdue University-Main Campus

The full cost of attendance at Purdue University-Main Campus is $22,698. To help pay for it:


Apply for Financial Aid

Wondering how many students submitted a FAFSA®? Wonder no more: look up.


Got a Pell Grant

Pell Grants are intended for low-income students. This is a good indication of how many students here have financial needs.


Get a Federal Loan

Although these loans usually have low interest rates, remember that this is money you do have to pay back.

If the cost of attendance doesn’t seem like a lot, remember to multiply it by the number of years you expect to attend. Financial aid feels like a much higher priority now, huh?

What you need to know

When you apply to Purdue University-Main Campus

With over 200 undergraduate concentrations and 69 masters and doctoral programs, Purdue has one of the most diverse degree programs in the country. The university is comprised of 12 different colleges including the top-ranked School of Engineering, College of Education, College of Pharmacy, and the Krannert School of Management. In addition, the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics within the School of Engineering is widely esteemed, and also known as the “Cradle of Astronauts.” Other popular majors include business, marketing, agriculture, and humanities.

Covering 2,602 acres, the campus of Purdue University is the largest in the state, even without the additional 15,000 acres used for industrial and agricultural research. Freshmen are not required to live on campus, although a majority of them do, as do 41 percent of the student population. To accommodate the students, Purdue has 16 co-ed dorms, one female-only hall, and two male-only residences.

With close to 60 percent of students commuting to school, parking is at a premium. However, students can purchase a parking pass at a cost of $100 for commuters more than 1.5 miles from campus, $250 for resident students, and $100 for students who also work at least 30 hours a week for the university. For students who don’t have a car, the CityBus offers free transportation throughout the campus and West Lafayette with a valid student ID.

Purdue also offers a campus carpooling system, as well as Zipcar, which gives students access to a vehicle when they need it.

Offering 18 varsity sports, the Purdue Boilermakers are always a competitive force in Division I sports and the Big Ten Conference. The Boilermakers have championships in both golf and women’s basketball, but men’s basketball and football are the most popular sports for students and fans alike.

With nearly 1,000 student groups and organizations on campus, Purdue offers its students the chance to pursue their interests with fellow classmates, as well as discover new ones in a fun, exciting atmosphere. Some of these groups cover interests such as gaming, dance, music, finance, cars, and more.

Quick Fact #1quick fact #156% of applicants get accepted to this school.
Quick Fact #2quick fact #2Applications are not open year round. Check this school’s website for specific admissions deadlines.
Quick Fact #3quick fact #3This school requires test scores, like the SAT and ACT, for freshman admission. Be sure to have proof of ’em!
Fun Fact #1fun fact #1This school is strictly for the ambitious. You’ll need high test scores and a dedicated education schedule if you want to go here. Almost all students at this highly competitive four-year school attend full-time.
Fun Fact #2fun fact #2If you’re interested, this school says that 95% of its students are full-time undergrads and 5% are part-time undergrads.
Fun Fact #3fun fact #3Maturity isn’t necessarily tied to age, but it might help. The average age here is 19 — do with that information what you will.

Graduation Outcomes

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Need money for Purdue University-Main Campus?

The first step is filling out your FAFSA® and we can help with that! Our platform makes it easy, safe, and quick — you can get it done in as little as 7 minutes!

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