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Can you afford Rutgers? Cost & Financial Aid

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

New Brunswick, NJ

Students pay less for college with FRANK:



Cost of Attendance


Potential Cost

Students pay less for college with FRANK:


Cost of Attendance


Potential Cost

How FRANK can help you

afford Rutgers University-New Brunswick

How FRANK can help you afford Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Easy FAFSA® Filing

Our free and easy platform guides you through FAFSAs® hundreds of fields, helping you complete it in as little as 7 minutes!

Aid Negotiation

You may qualify for a discounted tuition. If you have an aid award that is not meeting your needs, you may be qualified and we can help!

Everything you need to know

about Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Everything you need to know about Rutgers University-New Brunswick

  • 4 Years


  • Public


  • City


  • Large


4 Years

About 35,782 undergrad students attend Rutgers. It’s in New Brunswick, NJ, which means it’s located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. 69% of entering students are first-time, full-time students. This means this school may be a good fit for students of a variety of educational backrounds (both traditional and non-traditional).

Funding your future

Costs & financial aid at Rutgers University-New Brunswick

The full cost of attendance at Rutgers University-New Brunswick is $29,388. To help pay for it:


Apply for Financial Aid

Wondering how many students submitted a FAFSA®? Wonder no more: look up.


Got a Pell Grant

Pell Grants are intended for low-income students. This is a good indication of how many students here have financial needs.


Get a Federal Loan

The loans you get from the government can have super low interest rates — which makes them very different than private loans.

Remember: “Cost of Attendance” is more than tuition! It includes all the other stuff like books, rent, and things that make life, well, life. (You’re gonna need a bigger budget…)

What you need to know

When you apply to Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Rutgers offers a comprehensive set of more than 150 undergraduate and postgraduate majors, covering a wide array of subjects. The most popular majors include kinesiology and exercise science, speech communications and rhetoric, biology, and psychology. Composed of 30 colleges within the university, Rutgers also has some of the top-ranked majors in the country in the Rutgers Business School, the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and the School of Nursing.

Covering over 6,000 acres, Rutgers is one of the largest universities in terms of land area in the country. Freshmen are not required to stay on campus, but about 44 percent of the student body lives in one of five campus housing areas. These housing complexes range from dormitory and apartment-style living to small houses located right on campus. Students who join a fraternity or sorority can also stay on campus at one of the 80 chapter houses located throughout the area.

Because 56 percent of the student body commutes to school, parking isn’t always easy to find. Prices for parking passes range from $165 for commuters to $275 for resident students. Guests to the campus can also get a parking pass for $5 a day for up to five days.

Although the campus is bike friendly, vehicular transportation is a quicker and more viable option. All Rutgers students and faculty have access to the Rutgers intercampus bus and shuttle system. To get across campus, Rutgers also offers the New BrunsQuick shuttle, NextBus, and a library shuttle with easy access to the dorms.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are the team name that represents the university across 27 varsity sports. Perhaps it’s biggest claim to fame is that it’s the “Birthplace of College Football,” having played the first organized college football game in the country in 1869, a game which the Scarlet Knights won over Princeton 6-4. Each of the varsity teams competes in Division I sports as part of the Big Ten Conference.

Students can choose from over 400 clubs and student organizations to pursue their interest or discover new ones.

Quick Fact #1quick fact #1If you get accepted here, you’ll be in the 57% of applicants that do.
Quick Fact #2quick fact #2Applications are not open year round. Check this school’s website for specific admissions deadlines.
Quick Fact #3quick fact #3This school requires test scores, like the SAT and ACT, for freshman admission. Be sure to have proof of ’em!
Fun Fact #1fun fact #1This school is strictly for the ambitious. Almost all students at this highly competitive four-year school attend full-time. They also have a lot of transfer students here.
Fun Fact #2fun fact #295% of undergrad students here are dedicating their lives to their education by attending full-time. But 5% of undergrads are able to attend part-time.
Fun Fact #3fun fact #3Dreaming of what it’s like to be 21? Wishing you could go back to being 21? Well, you’re in luck because that’s the average age here.

Graduation Outcomes

Your future by the numbers


Average Salary After Attending



Average Federal Student Loan Debt



Typical Monthly Loan Payment


Need money for Rutgers University-New Brunswick?

Can that salary support that amount of debt? Maybe… but why not graduate with more money in your pocket. Get the aid you deserve by filing your FAFSA® today!

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