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How Frank Works

We often get asked how Frank works and how we make sure to keep offering our help for free. So in the spirit of full transparency, here's how.

How we do business is actually really simple

We suggest affordable programs that you might be interested in.

You choose the programs that you'd like to learn more about.

Select partner schools pay us for the match!

(and yes, FAFSA® is always free)

You benefit from other free features, too!


Free Resources

Curated Weekly Scholarship

William Phemister

"I absolutely love this! Originally I went back to school at 25 because I just couldn’t afford it and then they say “oh here’s your financial aid” but you have to wait 3 months and it's just that I can’t do that. And then I find Frank, and the entire reason I can get my bachelor’s degree is because your service exists."

Bloomington, IL

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