Best Resume Format & Popular Resume Templates

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The best resume formats are often ones that layout your skills, experience, and education in an organized, easy-to-read style. 

There are three popular resume formats and templates that work best for most hiring managers. They allow them to see, at-a-glance, what you’re capable of and whether you’re a good fit for their position. 

Let’s take a look at the three best resume formates below. 

Chronological Resume Format

The first and most popular resume format is chronological. Essentially, it lists your experience from current to past jobs, laying out your work life in a simplified order. 

The emphasis here is on your work history, how long you were at each job, and the progress you’ve made in your career. 

Like any other resume, you need to have sections for education as well as critical skills. When crafting your resume, ensure the skills fit the position you’re applying to.

Chronological Resume Template

Here are the top three examples of chronological resume templates:

Skills & Training Resume Format

While the chronological format focuses primarily on your work experience, the skills and training format focuses on what skills you’ve developed and your education or training. 

This type of format can be highly customizable depending on the position you’re applying for and works best if you’re aiming for roles that require specific education and training certifications. 

To make this format work, you need to break your skills into subcategories. For instance, you might have “Management Skills” and “Design Skills” if you’re a graphic designer that has worked in a leadership role. 

You’ll also need to feature any training courses or additional education you’ve accomplished under your education section. 

Don’t forget to include your work history here. While it’s not the whole focus, hiring managers will also want to know where you worked and when. 

Skills & Training Resume Template

These are the top three skills and training focused resume templates:

Mixed Resume Format

Many resumes have a mixed format that showcases both chronological work experience alongside skills and education. This works best for people with a longer work history that want to level up their careers. 

To create this resume format, put your skills and education at the top of the resume and then lay out your work experience. Under work experience, you’d want to go in-depth into the work achievements and quantifiable metrics. 

A college graduate likely doesn’t have the work achievements or skillset to create this type of resume as in-depth as it should be. However, it’s still a great format to follow.

Mixed Resume Template

These are the top three mixed resume templates:

Choosing the right resume format is a personal choice that relies heavily on how you want to highlight your skills and experience. As long as it is clear, concise, and organized, you’ll be good to go!