Do psychology majors do well in marketing careers?

Do psychology majors do well in marketing careers

While marketing isn’t the most common route for psychology majors, they do develop a set of skills that allows them to be successful in the marketing field. While many employers would recommend taking a few business-related classes or even minoring in marketing/business, it’s not a requirement to pursue a career in marketing.

Skills that make psychology majors successful in the marketing field

Psychology majors learn many skills that are not only valuable in the career of a psychologist, but also of someone working in marketing. Not only can these skills make you successful in the pursuit of a psychology-related career path, but they can open doors to other opportunities. Here’s a list of some skills that most psychology majors will develop that could help with pursuing a career in marketing:

  • Predict and understand the behavior of individuals and groups: this helps develop marketing plans that can cater to small and specific audiences as well as the masses.
  • Being able to adapt to change: consumers can be quick to change their minds because of trends, new products, or other reasons. Being able to predict, adapt, and identify those changes will allow you to stay current and ahead of the competition.
  • Operate effectively within an organization: if you are working for a large company and are attempting to implement change or work on new marketing material, you’ll likely have to get approval. Understanding how the organization works will give you the skills needed to cater to that respective audience and get buy-in from multiple stakeholders.
  • Interpret and analyze data: let the data tell the story. Marketing is a calculated process to get customer attention or brand awareness to drive sales. Without data, it is very difficult to make predictions as to what will work. Being able to interpret data to tell a story will give you the ability to make the right decisions.

Marketing Jobs for Psychology Majors

Now that you have the skills, it’s time to find the right job for you. Marketing is a large field with many opportunities. Here are some of the more common jobs that individuals with psychology degrees can not only qualify for, but excel in:

Human Resource Specialist

In a large company, almost every department has some form of HR present. If you want to support the marketing team in an unofficial capacity, here is where your psychology background can help. You’ll act as an intermediary between the company and the employees. The average national salary for HR Specialists is around $67,000 per year.

Marketing Research Analyst

With your skill to analyze data, this position will be a great match to make your mark with the marketing team. Using information on demographics, economic conditions, and other data points, you can present strong cases as to why the company should move in a certain direction. With an average salary of $71,000 per year, it’s no surprise that psychology majors are looking into this field.

Public Relations Specialist

What better way to work in marketing than to be the acting face of the company. This position will include a lot of human interaction that your psych background can help with. PR Specialists work on press releases, communicating with the media and the public, as well as ensuring the company is perceived positively. The average salary for this job is around $68,500 per year.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists

Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a psych job. People in this field, work on marketing and sales problems and other business issues. Individuals focus a lot on human behavior relating to work and applying psychological theories to organizational success. This information is used to help with recruiting, training programs, and management systems. This is one of the higher paying positions coming in with an average salary of over $109,000 per year.

For psychology majors who want a career outside of their field of study, the options are endless. The first step in pursuing any job is to read the description and see if you have the skills to fill the position. Once you get your foot in the door, find mentors that can coach you, and help you succeed.