How do I Know the Best Career for Me?

When it comes to selecting the best career path, let’s be honest, you might not get it right the first time. In fact, the average person will change their career 5-7 times throughout their lifetime. So, if you’re not sure what you want to be when you “grow up.” don’t worry. You’re not alone!

If you’re one of the millions of people still trying to figure out what career is best for you, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find to help you decide what the best career for you might be. 

Start by taking a career or personality test 

It might sound a little cliché, but if you’re unsure where to begin the process, a career test might help. Many colleges have career resource centers where you can work with counselors to take the tests in person. Or, if you’d prefer, you can take a test online from home.

You can take as many as you like and compare the results to see if there’s any overlap on career suggestions.

Next, do some research on careers that spark your interest. The test is only a suggestion. It’s not necessarily going to be an exact source of truth.

Now that you’ve taken some tests, it’s time to make a list of potential careers.

After taking the career tests, you probably have a few careers that align with your interests and skillset. After you make your list, it’s time to start doing some research. Find out about education requirements, workplace setting (whether you will be on your feet all day or sitting in front of a computer?), earning potential, and growth areas. 

You want to make sure you have as much information as possible to avoid making a misinformed decision.

Talk with a parent or trusted mentor. 

Now that you understand what type of career you want to pursue, talk with a parent, teacher, or trusted mentor. They will be able to talk through your options and offer advice to help with your decision. 

As someone older and wiser, they’ll help you think of things you may not have otherwise considered. 

Look for jobs that motivate and align with your interests. You might not find the perfect match, but with a little time, you’ll find something that can match pretty closely.

When it comes to jobs and careers, the world is full of opportunities. Whether it’s taking time to do research, volunteering for a non-profit, or sending in your resume for an internship, look for ways to get involved. Get real-world exposure and start your network. You will find it much easier to find your perfect match if you know the facts.