How do I begin searching for a career after college?

If you’re in the process of career searching for the first time, you know it’s not easy. Especially in the middle of a pandemic when so many people have lost their jobs. 

While the job hunt is challenging, there are a few tips to keep in mind, so you stay on track and stand out. The most important thing to remember is to be confident in your skills and try not to take the rejections to heart. 

With those two things in mind, here are some other tips to make career searching that much easier.

Customize Your Resume

The first person who looks at your resume will likely be an HR coordinator. They won’t know the specifics of the role, only the general details, and responsibilities. So, to get past that first round and on to the hiring manager, you need to make sure your resume speaks to those generalities. 

Customize your experience so that they flawlessly fit into the critical factors in the job description. Leave no doubt that you’re a fit for the role. Then send that resume off and cross your fingers the coordinator can put two and two together. 

Start networking within the companies you like

Whether it’s sending a well-written message on LinkedIn or attending events where representatives from the company will start making an impression. Getting in front of the right people, asking for informational interviews, and inquiring about certain roles can set you apart from the massive pile of resumes they’re likely getting.

Taking one step beyond just filling out the application or submitting a resume is one step in the right direction. 

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

When it comes to your experience, your profile or resume should never be static. Look at the jobs you’re applying for and change things so you’d show up in search results. How do you do that?

Use keywords from the job description and even job titles in line with the role you’re applying for.  Not only will it help you turn up in search results and applicant databases, but it could make you look like a better fit. 

Always send a thank you note

You might think that a thank you note is antiquated, but it can make all the difference. Sending a note that outlines your interest in the role, how you’re a good fit, and highlighting some of the conversations you had will help you stand out.

Send a thank-you note to everyone you met with. Try to do it within a few hours of the interview, so you appear prompt and appreciative of their time. 

The job search is competitive, now more than ever, and any little thing you can do to stand out is important. Set-up some time with recruiters and companies you like and explore what impresses them and how you can make yourself stand out. And don’t forget to thank them for their time by treating them to lunch or coffee.

Good luck with your job search! It will be well worth it.