How long should I wait before following up on a job opportunity?

How long should I wait before following up on a job opportunity?

Searching for a job and starting the application process can be intimidating. Applying for a job comes with a lot of unknowns. When is it best to follow up? Should you be networking with current employees before or after you apply?

Knowing how long you should wait before following up on a job opportunity doesn’t require rocket science. In fact, with the right guidance, you can follow-up as soon as you like. 

We took the liberty of putting together a guide to help you through this stage in the job application process. 

How to Follow-Up With The Hiring Manager 

A great way to follow-up with the hiring manager is by sending out a thank-you email soon after you’ve interviewed for a job position. Send the interviewer (or recruiter if you don’t have the interviewer’s contact information) a short email thanking them for their time and letting them know you’re looking forward to hearing back.

A reasonable timeline to follow-up is 7-10 days after you applied or interviewed. This timeline gives the hiring manager time to review your resume or have a chance to discuss your interview with other team members. 

If you get a chance to speak with someone regarding your application or interview, it’s not uncommon to ask how long they expect it will take before you hear back. 

If you don’t hear back by the expected date, send them an email like the one below:

Follow-up Email Template Option

Hello <name>,

I hope all is well.

I wanted to check in and see if there were any updates on my application. Please let me know if anything else I can share with you (or if you would like to set up a time for an interview).



Another option to consider if you want an interview is to let them know your time availability in the job application. 

Networking Within Your Industry

Networking is often considered one of the best ways to get started in any industry. Networking will allow you to learn more about various industries and potentially connect with someone who can help you land a job.

It never hurts to network. If you have friends, contacts, or have met someone that works for a particular company you’re interested in, reach out to them and start a connection.

If you have mutual connections, add them on LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate to send them a message. People generally want to help others out, especially college students interested in their field of work.

Hopefully, this guide will help with your job quest.