How to Find a Data Science Internship

How to find a data science internship

Data science is an in-demand career path. In 2020 alone, the demand for data scientists grew by 39%, with an average earning potential of $8,736 more per year than any other bachelor’s degree role. So, it’s no surprise that students are now looking for data science internships more than they ever have. But how do you find a data science internship? We can help.

What is data science?

If you’re looking for a data science internship, you hopefully already know what it is. However, let’s cover the basics.

Data science uses specific techniques to understand data and build predictive models to make informed business decisions. 

With experience in data science, you can work in virtually any industry, from finance to airline travel, and so much more. 

How do you find a data science internship?

There are so many ways to go about searching for an internship in a specific industry. Online tools like LinkedIn, Handshake, and GlassDoor allow you to search for keywords in one location so that you can narrow the search down. 

Your first step is to set up a great profile on LinkedIn (if you haven’t already done so) and start making connections with people you know. 

LinkedIn Profile Basics

Since you’re looking for an internship in data science, you want to highlight any experience or education you have that would interest potential employers. Great experience to highlight on your profile for data science includes:

  • A solid understanding of programming languages
  • Experience collaborating and working with other people
  • Analytical skills
  • Attention to detail

If you’ve taken a software class or have coding experience, those are great things to include in your profile. LinkedIn is a space for professionals, so keep the fun stuff on social networks like Instagram and TikTok. 

Lastly, ask previous professors, supervisors, or mentors to leave you positive recommendations. If a future employer can easily see that you have fans, they’re more likely to put you at the top of the list. 

Lean on Your School

If you’re taking classes associated with a data science degree, you probably already know people in the industry. Reach out to previous professors and see if they know of any internship opportunities. Your professors are a great place to start and can be excellent references for making it through the competitive process.

You can also go to your school career counselor. Counselors at colleges work with companies nationwide to give students access to internships. They’ll know about any companies in the area that are looking for internships in specific departments. 

Companies have different deadlines for internships, but it’s always a good idea to apply sooner rather than later. Internships are highly competitive, especially in the data science field, and the sooner you get your foot in the door, the more successful you’ll be. 

Generally, it’s best to start applying for internships three to six months in advance. That way, you’ll come prepared with your school schedule, and they can work around your education.

If you’re having trouble preparing your resume or writing a cover letter, don’t forget to head to your career counselor and ask for help. That’s what they’re there for!