How to Find a Paid Summer Internship

Summer internships are wildly popular with students looking to fulfill their credit requirements and get a resume-building job experience in the process. But finding a paid internship is harder to find than credit-only internships. Still, there are tried and true ways to find paid internships.

How to Find Paid Internships Online

Both the internet and your personal connections will be essential to landing that exciting paid internship. Get ready to hop online, send some emails, and do some digging. To get started, there are a few great websites to add to your bookmarks bar. Generally, these will help you find internships and make the connections you need to get one. 


LinkedIn is great for a lot of reasons. Many major companies post their internships on their job boards, and their employees tend to follow suit.

But for the job seeker themselves, being active on LinkedIn is an excellent way to keep you top of mind with any hiring managers you might know. Additionally, you can ask previous supervisors to leave you a positive recommendation, even if it was volunteer work or a free internship. 

Build out your profile with experience, special skills, and any major projects you’ve worked on at school. Even if you’ve never worked in a serious position before, that doesn’t mean you have done exciting things. 

Once you’ve completed a solid profile, head to their job search tool and search for “internships.” In most cases, you can apply directly through LinkedIn. A complete profile with great connections and recommendations can send you to the top of a company’s list!


GlassDoor is a comprehensive job search tool that also includes company reviews and salary insights. If you’re not finding what you need on LinkedIn, or any number of other job sites, head to GlassDoor and take a search.

You can easily upload your resume and apply with a single click for many of the roles on the site. But before you do that, you can head to the company profile and learn more about their salaries, benefits, and even company culture, by reading through reviews. It’s a great way to determine if the company is a good fit for you.


It doesn’t hurt to reach out to graduates of your school and see if they’re hiring any interns for next semester. If you know previous graduates, send them an inquisitive message with your resume and let them know you’re interested if anything should come up. 

Offer to set up a phone call at their convenience to learn more about the company and tell them about yourself. Don’t forget to be gracious when requesting someone else’s time. After all, alumni don’t have to help you, but they’re excited to do so in most cases. 

School Job Boards

Schools all over the country work directly with major companies to help their students get internships. A school job board is a great place to start your search as the career counselor will likely have an in with the hiring manager, making your chances of landing the role a lot easier. 

You can even get resume help and assistance with prepping for interviews. Going through the hiring process for the first time can feel overwhelming, so having extra help from your school can be a major bonus. 

Your Network

If you take a good look at people you know, from personal to your family or friends, you probably know someone who works at a company that interests you. Don’t hesitate to use your connections in your internship search. 

It always helps to ask your connections if they know of any opportunities and would have time to chat about the company. Since you’re asking for someone’s time, you want to come prepared for the conversation with questions and areas you’re interested in learning about. Don’t forget to bring your resume so they can get a better sense of your experience!

Utilize Paid Internship Search Tools

Outside of these great options, there are a host of other ways to search for internships online. Give these websites a try:

  • Chegg Internships – Over 100,000 jobs are listed monthly.
  • WayUp – Listings from over 30,000 companies. 
  • YouTern – A tool to find internships through social media platforms. 

With these tools at your fingertips, you’re bound to find an exciting paid internship that gives you the experience you need to launch your career.