English Majors: Jobs to Consider for English Majors

Majoring in English doesn’t mean you’ll eventually become a poor aspiring writer waiting for your big break. In fact, earning an English degree can actually help you land a high paying and successful career. 

Here are some of the top-paying jobs you can get with an English degree as well as some jobs you may have never considered pursuing. 

Highest paying jobs you can get with an English degree


Copywriters create content for websites, products, social media posts, advertising slogans, emails, and more. Although some work for a marketing or advertising firm, many work with regular companies you visit every day like a grocery, clothing store, or even the company you use to file your taxes. 

A great thing about being a copywriter is, you don’t have to work for only one person or company. Many copywriters “freelance” which means they can work with several companies at a time on their own schedule. 

On average, copywriters make $69,935 a year. 

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators develop and execute plans to build awareness for a company or brand. A marketing coordinator assists the marketing department by drafting reports, creating content, tracking results, and helping to build relationships with sales teams. 

Generally, a marketing coordinator is considered to be an entry-level position but is a great way to learn a lot very quickly. 

On average, marketing coordinators make $55,076 per year. 


Majoring in English generally means you’re excellent with grammar, spelling, and the English language as a whole. To become a teacher you’ll need a teaching certificate so you can start to mold minds (both young and old).

On average, teachers make $52,363 per year. 

Technical Writer

Technical writers use their writing and communication skills to make complex information easier to understand. Technicals writers create things like instruction manuals and reference guides, so attention to detail is a must. 

Generally speaking, technical writers are also subject matter experts in the field in which they decide to enter — like computer sciences or information technology. 

On average, technical writers make $70,577 per year. 

Jobs you didn’t know you could get with an English degree

Create Artificial Intelligence 

With an English degree, you can help give artificial intelligence digital life by helping to create a personality. One great example is Apple’s Siri with her quips and comebacks. Your background in the English language can help provide digital personalities to in-car GPS systems and smart home equipment, the possibilities are endless. 

On average, Artificial Intelligence Linguists make upwards of $100,000 per year. 

Speech Writer

Not all great leaders or award winners are inspiring writers or smart with their words, so they have to employ speechwriters. Before a big ceremony or convention, many of the “world best speakers” actually hire someone to write those eloquent words for them. 

On average, speechwriters make $134,063 per year. 

Being proficient in the English language doesn’t mean you have to write a novel or screenplay. For those who graduate with an English degree, the potential career possibilities are endless.