Business Majors: Jobs to Consider with a business degree

When thinking about a career in business, most picture wearing a suit to work every day and carrying a briefcase full of important documents. But there’s a lot more to the world of business, and the jobs are more diverse than you might think. 

Here are some of the highest-paying jobs for those with a business degree and some jobs you might never have thought of pursuing. 

Highest paying jobs you can get with a business degree

Chief Executive Officer

Although becoming a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) isn’t an entry-level position, unless you’ve started your own company, having a business degree is a necessary step in eventually earning this highly coveted position. 

CEOs make all major corporate decisions, manage operations and resources, and act as the face of the company. Depending on the company’s size, the CEO may take a more hands-on approach than making decisions from afar. 

On average, CEOs make upwards of $77,000 per year, with $77,000 being a lower estimate for new or smaller companies. 

Management Consultant

Management consultants specialize in solving complex issues, develop strategies, and improve the financial and operational health of an organization. Most management consultants help their clients solve specific issues and are hired because they can create new strategies with logical objectivity and without bias.

On average, management consultants make $102,000 per year. 


Actuaries use statistics, financial theory, and mathematics to assess financial risk and uncertainties. Once the risks are identified, it’s then their job to develop strategies to counteract or avoid those risks. 

For those interested in becoming an actuary, in addition to a business degree, you will need to take six exams before becoming certified. 

On average, actuaries make $102,880 per year. 

Business Manager

Business managers supervise day-to-day business operations to ensure productivity and efficiency. They are responsible for executing successful business strategies, evaluating company/employee performance, and overseeing all operations. 

Generally, before becoming eligible for a job as a business manager, one will need roughly three years of management experience. So while this is not an entry-level position, it’s a great goal to work towards. 

On average, business managers make $74,269.

Jobs you didn’t know you could get with a business degree

If working behind a desk isn’t for you, don’t worry! There are plenty of jobs you can get with a business degree that’ll get you out from behind a desk and into something a little more exciting. 

Event Manager

Event managers are in charge of planning concerts, festivals, conferences, and even weddings. After meeting with a client, it’ll then be your job to design the event, from decor to pricing suggestions based on budget. Event managers are responsible for bringing their clients’ thoughts and ideas to fruition. 

On average, event managers make $63,892 per year. 

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists (PR Specialists) work to not only create a positive image for a company, organization, or individual but also to keep it that way. PR Specialists put a positive spin on anything that can be perceived as negative by the press or public. It’s also their job to look for opportunities to advertise their client positively through media placements and pitches.

On average, PR Specialists make $60,000 per year.


Appraisers work with real estate companies to determine the value of a property so it can be sold. Appraisers take note of not only the interior of a space but also curb appeal and surrounding areas. 

To become an appraiser, most states require a separate license in addition to a business degree. 

On average, appraisers make $60,597 per year. 


Having a business degree opens the door to a world of opportunity. Whether you picture yourself working a 9-5 in an office setting or traveling the world to meet with clients – the possibilities are endless.