Finance Majors: Jobs to Consider with a Finance Degree

Finance Major

You like numbers, but don’t know what career you should pursue after graduating with a degree in finance? Here are some of the top-paying jobs you can get with a finance degree, as well as some jobs you might have never considered pursuing. 

Highest paying jobs you can get with a finance degree

Financial Managers 

A financial manager’s main responsibility is to monitor a company’s finances. They generate financial reports, develop long-term financial goals, and direct investment activities. It’s also their job to provide senior leadership with ideas for maximizing company profits. 

Generally, financial managers will lead and guide a team of financial advisors to develop the data the company needs to be as profitable as possible. 

This position tends to be very high-stress and comes with a well deserved average salary of $127,9900 a year. 


An economist’s main responsibility is to assess economic conditions concerning the production and distribution of goods, services, and raw materials. The purpose of this is to help predict things like labor shortages, scarcity of natural resources, and job availability, to name a few. 

Economists work closely with government agencies, large corporations, and academic research organizations, with the government being the largest source of employment. Both finance majors, as well as economics majors, excel in this role, so there tends to be a little more competition. 

On average, economists make $104,340 per year. 

Financial Risk Manager 

Financial risk managers most commonly work for major banks, insurance companies, and consulting firms. Their job is to forecast and monitor market trends to identify potential risks then implement preventive measures to avoid them. While not all risks can be avoided, financial risk managers also devise plans to minimize costs and damages. 

Many financial risk managers take on this position as a stepping stone to become a financial manager. 

Financial risk managers, on average, make $99,949 per year. 

Personal Financial Advisor 

Personal finance advisors offer advice and guidance about planning for future financial security. This means they can provide advice about retirement funds, investment types, and general savings/spending. 

Unlike the roles mentioned above, personal financial advisors work with individual people rather than working to advise a government organization or corporation. 

On average, personal financial advisors make $88,890 per year. 

Financial Analyst 

Financial analysts work in banks, insurance companies, and other businesses to help make investment decisions. They assess stocks, bonds, and other types of portfolio investments.  

Although this might sound very similar to the role of a personal financial advisor, the main difference is, financial analysts, focus more on the performance of a business. In contrast, a financial advisor focuses more on clients and advisors. 

On average, financial analysts make an average of $85,660 per year. 

Jobs you didn’t know you could get with a finance degree

If Wall Street isn’t for you, don’t worry! There are plenty of jobs you can get with a finance degree that’ll get you out of a bank, and into something a little more exciting. 

FBI Special Agent

Help find and prosecute corporate criminals, such as those who commit fraud or embezzlement as an FBI special agent in finance. These special agents also work to find drug lords or other criminals who are laundering money from “legitimate businesses.”

Candidates who speak more than one language or have a military or law enforcement background will have a competitive edge when applying for this position. 

On average, FBI special agents in finance make $67,759 per year. 

Sports Team Accountant

Sports team accountants help teams with endorsement deals, set ticket prices for stadium seats, and help set salary cap limits for players — amongst other business matters. 

In addition to all the perks that come with working for a professional sports team, sports team accountants earn an average salary of $61,690 per year. 


Whether you want to be a stockbroker on Wall Street or help track down criminals with the FBI, a degree in finance can open many doors and lead to an exciting and unexpected career path.