Psychology Majors: Jobs to consider with a Psychology Degree

Majoring in psychology is a great idea for students interested in working closely with people daily to understand human behavior and mental and emotional processes. With psychology being one of the top 5 subjects to major in, it’s no surprise that it comes with some high paying careers. 

Highest paying jobs you can get with a psychology degree


Psychiatrists work with people to help assess and diagnose mental health issues, whether genetic or trauma-induced. After diagnosis, they work closely with their patients to treat them and, in some cases, cure what ails them. Sometimes confused with psychologists, psychiatrists do not offer counseling or therapy. 

On average, psychiatrists make $177,250 per year. 

Military Psychologist

Military psychologists are responsible for evaluating military servicemembers to diagnose and treat mental or emotional disorders. They are also responsible for noticing extreme emotional distress as a result of servicemembers’ stressful and dangerous jobs and recommending ongoing treatment. 

On average, military psychiatrists make $120,538 per year. 

Industrial & Organizational Psychologist

Industrial & organizational psychologists, also known as occupational psychologists, use psychological principles and research methods to solve workplace problems, improve the atmosphere, and improve employee morale. They also study workplace productivity, management, and employee working styles. Then they work with management teams to instill new policies and develop plans for the future.

On average, industrial & organizational psychiatrists make $97,820 per year. 

School Psychologist

School psychologists work with students of all ages and are considered a member of the school staff. They work with students to help encourage positive behavior and process their problems, such as learning disabilities, family issues, behavioral problems, and social issues. Then, they speak with the child’s family to help to council and enforce the same behaviors at home. 

On average, school psychologists make $90,000 per year. 

Jobs you didn’t know you could get with a psychology degree

Forensic Psychologist

A job career in forensic psychology isn’t for the faint of heart. Forensic psychologists study criminals and their (sometimes) brutal crimes in hopes of finding traits to define certain types of criminals. In addition to studying the criminals themselves, they also study crime scenes, interview the criminal’s families and friends, and speak with the victims if possible. 

On average, forensic psychologists make $60,000 per year. 

Traffic Psychologist

Traffic psychologists study people’s emotional reactions while behind the wheel. They try to understand why drivers do what they do – Why does a driver have road rage? Why do some drivers speed through a yellow light, while others stop with time to spare?

Traffic psychologist’s studies often revolve around the human attention factor. They focus on attention span, anxiety while driving, stress, distraction, and how these factors influence a drivers’ experiences. 

On average, traffic psychologists make $75,357 per year. 


A psychology degree can open many doors to amazing opportunities and careers. With a passion for understanding others – the sky’s the limit!