What’s is like to intern for Buzzfeed?

What's is like to intern for Buzzfeed?

As the cost of attendance continues to increase, more students are searching for jobs. These jobs allow students to earn money and expand their career development.  

BuzzFeed is known for being one of the world’s leading digital media companies. The well-established company leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally.

Knowing what it’s like to be a Buzzfeed intern can help make the application process a bit easier and promote a successful outcome. 

What to expect when interning at Buzzfeed

Students interested in the digital media industry can apply for an internship program as juniors or seniors in college. Buzzfeed internships are paid and last about ten weeks during the summertime. As an intern, your work will be equivalent to a full-time work week and comprehensive training in your chosen industry. 

Buzzfeed Internship positions 

Buzzfeed has a wide variety of positions available each year. The digital media company is often searching for video producers, writers, developers, and programmers. Below are some of the job positions interns typically apply for.  

  • Advertising operations 
  • Business Operations & Strategy 
  • Commerce
  • Data Analyst
  • Design 
  • Engineering 
  • Legal
  • Product Design 
  • Product Management 
  • Tech & Business Desk 

Buzzfeed Application process 

The application process is similar to the traditional style. In a matter of weeks, you can become a Buzzfeed intern!

  • Search for the desired job position. Buzzfeed uses its job page, and numerous organizations to recruit most of its employees such as HackNY and National Association of Black Journalists. 
  • Apply. Visit Buzzfeed’s Career Page to begin applying. Fill out the application form in its entirety. 
  • Submit required documentation. Submit your resume, cover letter, and any additional documentation needed. After Buzzfeed receives your application, it can take up to 4 weeks for you to hear back. 
  • Nail the interview. The interview may be in-person or via phone or skype. Depending on which position you’re applying for, the interview process may differ. Remember to stay calm and be you. Ask questions, and have fun. 
  • Landing the job. Shortly after completing the application process, Buzzfeed will notify you if you got the job.

Buzzfeed Perks 

Working for Buzzfeed comes with many perks such as:

  • Fun work environment 
  • Have you heard of Tasty? In case you haven’t, Tasty is one of the world’s largest food networks. Buzzfeed offers free food most of the time, which Tasty often makes.
  • Collaborative projects
  • Cool team-building activities 

Buzzfeed Internship Compensation

Buzzfeed offers a wide variety of perks, but the average base salary is on the lower end. This information varies depending on the job position, but you should expect a salary around minimum wage. Glassdoor estimates Buzzfeed Intern Salaries from $11-$31. 

Buzzfeed doesn’t provide competitive salaries, which is something to consider before accepting a job offer. 


Like any other job, there will be ups and downs. Glassdoor offers a glimpse of what it’s like to work as an intern through Intern Reviews. 

Life after Internship: Landing a full-time job with Buzzfeed

Share your full-time interest with your managers and current employees. Let them know what position you’re aiming for, and when exactly you graduate. Similar to many employers, Buzzfeed can help interns through the application process for a full-time job. 

Interning at Buzzfeed is an excellent way to get a feel of what it takes to succeed at an ever-growing digital media platform. Also, interning will give you a chance to earn cash to help pay for school.