What you need to know about LinkedIn’s “Looking For A Job” setting

What you need to know about LinkedIn's "Looking For A Job" setting

LinkedIn is not just for seeing your old high school classmates brag about their summer internships! It can also be used for finding and applying for jobs. Utilizing the Job Seeking Preferences, you are able to use a variety of features that can benefit you during the job search.

How to use the “Looking For A Job” Setting on LinkedIn

After opening LinkedIn, click on your profile and go down to the ‘Settings & Privacy’ tab. 

Once there, click ‘Privacy’ and scroll down to ‘Job Seeking Preference.’ 

You’ll see it says “Let recruiters know your open to opportunities.” You are able to turn this feature on and off from here.

This option allows you to show recruiters who look at your LinkedIn profile that you are open to new employment. LinkedIn will let you pick the type of job you are interested in and your preferred location. 

Who can see my profile change on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn does it’s best to make sure people at your current company do not see this change to your profile. They can’t guarantee complete privacy with it though since you can’t always control who knows who and who sees what. 

For example, your college roommate’s Aunt’s best friend might work at your current company and then it get backs to your employer that you are looking for a new job. This ridiculous chain of acquaintances is rare, but not impossible. 

What does the “Job Seekers” Tab do?

If you look at the other options in the ‘Job Seeking’ tab you’ll see the ‘Signal your interest to recruiters and companies you have created job alerts for’ — his preference is pretty self-explanatory. You have the ability to signal to a company you’ve already created job alerts for that you are looking for employment and are interested in them.

You should get an email from LinkedIn to confirm you have either turned on or off one of these preferences. If you want to disable this feature just follow the same steps from above and you can turn it off.

Not many people know about these tools do be sure to take advantage of it and let the jobs roll in!