Is it better to get cosmetology certification in Canada?

Is it better to get cosmetology certification in Canada?

If you plan to get a cosmetology certification, it’s best to get certified in the country and/or state in which you plan to practice. 

We’ve gathered more information about getting your cosmetology certification in Canada and the United States.

Cosmetology Certification in the U.S. 

A cosmetology license is required in all 50 states and D.C. if you plan to work as a cosmetologist. When it comes to licenses for various trades, cosmetology ranks the 30th most burdensome to license and the 4th most heavily regulated occupation among moderate-income occupations. 

Each state has different requirements; however, on average, it costs about $177 in fees and up to 1,500 hours of education and practice. 

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If you move out of the state where you were initially licensed, you will have to retake the exam.

Cosmetology Certification in Canada

Canada is known for its high standards when it comes to cosmetology certification. If you plan to live in Canada, it is best to get your certification and license done in the country rather than transferring it from the U.S.

To become certified, you must go to school and spend 2,000 hours as an apprentice before you can get certified. Whether or not you can move your certification from one province to another will depend on your focus on cosmetology, such as hair, barber, skin, or nails. 

If you plan to move to Canada after being certified, you will have to get your work permit, temporary residence visa, and be sponsored by an employer or show proof that you’ll have a job. 

You will then need to contact the Foreign Credentials Referral office to see if your certification and license in the U.S. will transfer to Canada specifications. 

As mentioned above, it’s best to go to cosmetology school in the state or country you plan to practice to prevent having to pay exam fees more than once.