How do I know if I would like coding as a career?

[Non-Traditional] How do I know if I would like coding as a career?

Coding and programming careers are growing in popularity year over year. And with more and more job opportunities for talented coders, it’s no wonder that many students wonder if they would like a career in coding. 

After all, a coding career provides plenty of job security and higher incomes, which is why so many people are going after jobs in the technology industry. 

It’s true what they say, that sometimes the thing that holds us back the most is the ideas we have in our head about what we’re capable of. Science Magazine says that our success actually hinges on how we perceive our abilities and not the quality of our abilities. 

Basically, you’re probably more cut out for coding than you think. 

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But if you’re wondering if you would like coding as a career, we put together some great ways to decide if coding is the right avenue for you. 

Coding and Problem Solving

Coding is all about solving problems. If you’re the type of person that loves putting puzzles together and challenging your mind with logic games, coding is likely going to be a great fit. 

Coders have to look at complex issues and take it upon themselves to figure out how to fix them. It’s not for those that get frustrated after a little bit of work and need to ask others to help them. It is incredibly important to figure out how to find the right code, whether through Google or pulling it from your own mind. 

Coding and Flexibility

These days, coders have the advantage of career flexibility. You can choose to work for a company or work freelance and make the schedule that suits you best. 

Even for coders that work full time for companies, there are some significant benefits. Many companies are transitioning to at least partial work-from-home options, and working from home is easy as a coder.

If you’re looking for a career that would allow you to stay close to home and eventually make your own hours, coding is a great option. 

Coding and Job Security

If you worry a lot about job security when it comes to choosing a career, coding is an option you can put some trust in. 

It’s not called the Hottest Career Path of the 21st Century without intense job growth and security. 

According to Fast Company, 7 million job openings in 2015 were in coding, and as an industry, it’s growing 12% faster than any other.

That means that even if you lost your job, chances are you’d be able to secure another one pretty quickly.

Coding and Creativity

Sure, coding doesn’t seem like the most creative job, but it’s more creative than you think. 

Coding is the language we use to build websites and applications. In many respects, it’s like telling a story. Coding is a great career for people who like to make ideas a reality and watch them become something bigger. 

You get to help clients create the app or website of their dreams. What could be better than that?

When it comes to coding, the best way to figure out if you’ll like it is to do it. Take some online beginner classes and see how you feel as you go through them. If you find that you enjoy it, that’s probably a sign that coding could be the right career for you.