What is a recruiter and what do they do?

Imagine helping people get their dream job every day— that’s what it means to be a recruiter. Recruiters are the backbone of the job placement process. They facilitate successful hires every day that benefit both candidates and employers. It can be hard work, but ultimately you are helping shape the future of a company!

What is a recruiter?

A recruiter finds qualified candidates for their clients to hire. Along with helping people get jobs, a recruiter prepares them for interviews,  advises on resumes and cover letters, keeps up to date with labor laws and other industry insight, and more. A recruiter works for an employer but aims to give both them and the candidate the best possible experience.

There are various types of recruiters. Most common being:

Staffing Agency Recruiter

Mostly work for temp and staffing agencies. Companies hire them to help find temporary work in anything from customer service to sales.

Corporate, Inhouse or Internal Recruiter

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These recruiters work for a company full-time or with a short-term contract. Normally they hire from within the company through either a promotion or internal transfer.

Outplacement Recruiter

Usually, they work for an outplacement agency which is normally a division of a staffing agency. They provide job assistance to those who have lost their job due to downsizing or displacement.

Contingency Recruiter

These recruiters do full-time employee searches and won’t get paid until they “close the deal”. Meaning, until they find the best-fit candidate and the company hires them.

Retained Recruiter

Similar to contingency recruiters with the biggest difference being they pay a fixed amount up front and the rest after a successful hire.

Do You Need a Degree to Become a Recruiter?

Yes! The most common majors recruiters have to include psychology, business, marketing, human resources, and sociology.

What traits/skills would make a good recruiter?

To be a recruiter you have to be a good judge of character. Recruiters must find people who best fit the criteria that the clients are looking for. To do this successfully you need to be sure that the candidate will have the qualities and work ethic to be successful in the job.

Communication! Good communication is necessary to become a successful recruiter. You’re Working with multiple parties to form a successful job placement. The client and candidate must be kept in the loop during the entire process and that falls on the recruiter.

Being a recruiter is essentially like being in sales. You must sell your services to the company so you get hired yourself. Then sell the job to the candidate, explaining why this job would be a good opportunity for them. Therefore to be a successful recruiter you must have strong sales skills.

How much do recruiters make on average?

Depending on which type of recruiter you are, the amount, and how you are paid varies. A “placement fee” is a set amount you get paid for each successful hire of your facilitate. The placement fee is normally 20% of the salary of the open position.

So for example, if you successfully fill a position with a salary of $70,000, you’ll be paid $14,000. This is for external recruiters who work for a third-party agency or on a contingency basis. 

Internal recruiters, those who work within the company, make an average salary of $45,360.

Being a recruiter is a rewarding and necessary job. You can help someone land the job of their dreams, and at the same time, improve a company.