Love working with children but want to make money? Consider these careers

If you dream about working with children but want to embark on a career with a top-performing salary, you’ve come to the right place.

Salary is a huge part of the conversation when it comes to choosing your career or major. And as we all know, some professions don’t lend themselves to higher salaries as much as others.

There are plenty of careers that offer a higher salary if you want to work with children. However, you should keep in mind that most of the top-paying jobs require a master or doctorate. Knowing that you might want to factor in the cost of that added education when looking at the salary opportunities.

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To give you a starting point, we went ahead and found some of the top-paying careers for students that would like to work with children in the future.

Juvenile Justice Attorney

If what you’re after is a sense of purpose and a good salary, a juvenile justice attorney could be the job for you. They help children and teens navigate the juvenile justice system to ensure they’re protected and taken care of.

These attorney’s average $144k and can sometimes go as high as $208k. However, don’t forget to factor in the cost of law school and what it might take to pay off the student loans for that education.

Child Psychiatrist

Another option that will put you at the center of healing and guiding children through difficulties is a child psychiatrist. Through this path, you can help assess young patients and determine an appropriate course of treatment.

Again, this will require education beyond your bachelor’s degree, but it does offer the opportunity to make up to $220k.


With this career path, you get to heal and help children day in and day out. And make a great salary for your efforts. Pediatricians spend their days treating and preventing illness in their patients, sometimes helping them and their families through life-altering situations.

Again, this career path requires much more education than your typical bachelor’s degree, but it’s probably the pentacle of working with children outside of teaching.

Pediatricians make up to $208k depending on location and experience.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Probably one of the other most fulfilling careers, this one also gives you a little bit of the opportunity to teach. Pathologists help children with cognitive disorders, or impairments learn how to use language to communicate. For families, this can be an incredibly frustrating and painful time, but it’s something that you help them, and their child navigate.

Speech-language pathologists make upwards of $120k depending on their experience. Like most of these options, it does require a master’s degree.

Working with children is one of the most rewarding career paths a student can think of. Sometimes, those rewards come with long hours and lower salaries that don’t match how hard the work can be. These are just a few of the options available to those that want to do good and get paid well.