5 Great Careers for single mom’s going back to school

5 Great Careers for single mom's going back to school

Any mom in the workforce can tell you that there are mom-friendly jobs and ones that are not so. But today, moms are filling jobs much more than their parents’ generation did. About 70% of mothers with young children are currently working, with 46% being the primary breadwinner. What jobs are best for single moms who might have a lot of responsibility to grapple with? 

We take a look at the best jobs for single moms so you can make the right decision for your family when it comes to defining your career. 

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents can generally make their own schedule at least once they get secure in their careers, making it easier for them to work around their kid’s activities and school schedule. 

Additionally, the earning potential is much higher than many other flexible jobs, with the average being between $60k and $120k each year.

To become a Real Estate Agent, you’ll need to get licensed in the state you want to work in. You can take a training course to prepare for the licensure test and begin working immediately after getting your license.

Recruiter / Talent Acquisitions Manager

Being a recruiter also comes with its own set of freedoms. You can either work for a business or be an independent contractor. Either way, since so much of what you do can be done via email and over the phone, working from home can often be an option.

A recruiter has a network of individuals from which they can source for open positions at the companies they’re working with. It’s the kind of job that can be super flexible in terms of hours and schedule, making it great for single moms. 

Recruiters can make an average of $50k per year, or more, depending on where you live and who you’re working for. 


If you like helping people feel better through natural methods, you might want to consider becoming an acupuncturist. This allows for a flexible schedule and the opportunity for you to work for yourself if you wish. 

You will have to go to school and get licensed in your state to practice. But the median salary starts at around $59k, which isn’t too bad for such a flexible job option. 

Pilates or Yoga Instructor

Love to get your sweat on? Consider becoming a fitness instructor. Whether you decide to open your own boutique gym or do pilates training sessions, there are so many flexible ways to make money for great instructors. 

If this is something you’re considering, the median salary will be around $53k per year, with the opportunity to grow depending on your community’s popularity. 

Social Media Manager

Another job that can be done virtually anywhere is a Social Media Manager. If you have an eye for great content, an ear for copy, and excitement around interacting with others, this could be a great option. 

It has the flexibility to allow you to work from home or anywhere you plan to be. You can even do your job while sitting at your kid’s soccer game if you need to. 

The median salary starts at around $63k per year. 

Whatever you decided to pursue, make sure that it works for your schedule and allows you to do the things that are most important to you and your children.