Love art but want to make money? Here are some careers to consider

You don’t have to be a modern-day Picasso to pursue a career in art. Although you may not have your work displayed in the Louvre anytime soon, there are still plenty of careers where you can use your creative mind and work in space you love.

If you love art, but the life of a starving artist isn’t for you, consider these art-related careers.

Art Director

Art Directors come in many different forms — they work in theater, film, advertising, fashion, marketing, film or even TV! They ensure that their clients’ desired message and the image is conveyed to consumers or viewers. They’re also responsible for the overall visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign and coordinate the work of other artistic or design staff, such as graphic designers.

To become an art director, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in art, visual communications or graphic design. You’ll also need a lot of experience before you’ll be able to take on this role. It’s good to start early with internships and apprenticeships.

Average National Salary: $90,000

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers stay ahead of trends designing everything from your favorite pair of jeans to that amazing dress you saw on the cover of Vogue.

In addition to in-depth knowledge of fabrics, textiles, and fashion trends, you’ll also need either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

Average National Salary: $65,000

Art Dealer

Art dealers buy and sell works of art through galleries, auction houses, and private businesses. While some dealers may work with all types of art, others specialize in a specific media or era.

Many art dealers begin their careers with entry-level or volunteer positions in museums, galleries, or auction house before getting their shot at a high-level gallery position. It’s also required that they get their bachelor’s, master’s, or art history or fine arts.

Average National Salary: $54,000

Art Professor

Art professors are artists that have a specialized interest in a specific area of the arts, like graphic design, drawing, sculpting, or painting. They also have a strong understanding of art history.

In order to become an art professor, in addition to being a skilled artist, you’ll need to complete your bachelor’s degree in art, art history, or fine arts. If you’re interested in teaching at the college level, you’ll also need a Master’s or Doctoral degree in art.

Average National Salary: $42,000


Animators are artists who create images that depict movement, known as frames. These frames are then used to create movies, commercials, and TV shows. These images used to be hand-drawn, but are not created using a computer.

Generally, animators are required to have a bachelor’s degree in animation or a closely related field. Before being able to fulfill your dreams of working on the next Disney hit, you’ll also need to build an extensive professional portfolio.

Average National Salary: $76,000

Interior Designer

Interior designers create beautiful and functional indoor spaces. They design everything from the color of the walls, the type of flooring that’s installed to the furniture, and every little piece of décor.

To become an interior designer, you’ll need to attend an interior design school. There are different levels and types of degrees, so depending on what you choose, you’ll be in school for 2-6 years. After you earn your degree, you’ll have to pass the National Council for Interior Design qualification exam

Average National Salary: $53,000

“Every artist was first an amateur”

Pursuing a career and being successful in a field you love isn’t always easy. In the wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, every artist was first an amateur.

Work hard and stay dedicated – anything is possible.