How can I drive for Amazon?

Amazon is the leading e-commerce retailer in the United States with ever-increasing sales. For the past 13 years, the top-rated company has increased its net sales each year. In 2019 alone, the company approximately earned $280.5 billion in net revenues. 

With such a big empire comes the need for more employees. Amazon frequently hires new delivery drivers.

Becoming an Amazon driver comes with many benefits, incentives, and challenges. When it comes to driving for Amazon, you have two options based on your preference: 

  • Amazon Flex: With Amazon Flex, you can use your own vehicle to deliver. Also, you have the flexibility to choose your hours.
  • Amazon Logistics: This option is for those who prefer a traditional setting. The company provides the vehicle and sets your working hours.

No matter what type of driver you aim to become, there are specific steps you need to follow. 

Step-by-step Guide on How You Can Drive for Amazon Flex

Step 1: Learn job expectations

Learn the expectations of an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver and see if it’s right. Amazon Flex drivers are usually part-time workers with flexible schedules. Depending on the city and time of year, these workers can make from $18 to $25 per hour. 

Step 2: Search for open job positions

Visit to see if Amazon is hiring flex drivers in your specific region.

Step 3: Meet the requirements

To become a driver, you will need to meet all the Amazon Flex delivery driver requirements. 

You must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Successfully pass a background check 
  • Must have a Social Security number, bank account with direct deposit, accessible smartphone that can download the Amazon Flex Driver App, a qualified vehicle to deliver packages, and car insurance

Step 4: Sign up for Amazon Flex

If Amazon is looking for Flex drivers in your region, be sure to select them from the online list. 

Amazon will ask for personal information, vehicle, and cell phone-related information. After answering the questions truthfully and meeting Amazon’s requirements, you will be asked to download the Amazon Flex app on your smartphone through the link they send you

Step 5: Download the Amazon Flex App

Use the link to log in to the app. Once you log in, proceed to complete the form in the app. Be sure to answer everything as honestly and accurately as possible.

Step 6: Complete the job application

Use the Amazon Flex App to complete the driver application.

Once the application is complete, Amazon will review your request, and if you meet all of their requirements, you can register as an Amazon Flex delivery driver.

Step 7: Finalize the registration process and start driving

Once you’re an Amazon Flex delivery driver selecting where to pick up and deliver Amazon packages is your next step. Proceed by setting up your direct deposit, which you can do by submitting your bank account and routing number. Amazon will use this information to deposit your earnings directly in your bank account.

Then it’s time to learn your way around the app and schedule blocks to start delivering!                                                                         

Step-by-step Guide on How You Can Drive for Amazon Logistics

Step 1: Find out if Amazon Logistics is right for you.

To make sure Amazon Logistics is right for you, learn what drivers do. For example, they require their drivers to be able to lift heavy packaged and drive large vans. Visit their website at for more specifics.

Step 2: Meet job requirements

Be sure to meet the requirements needed to become an Amazon Logistics driver. You will need to have the following information and documents available to meet their requirements:

  • Personal information and most up to date resume
  • Work experience history
  • Education history  
  • Military service information (if applicable)
  • Financial information

Step 3: Search for job openings

Start by searching for Amazon Logistics delivery jobs in your region. Use to look for open positions.

Step 4: Start the application process 

Apply once you find an available position in your area. When applying, be sure to include all information that is asked of you.

Step 5: Get interviewed 

If you meet Amazon’s requirements, they will reach out to you for an interview. It could be in person, over the phone, or video chat. Make sure you are prepared for any interview situation; look for tips online if you are unsure of what to do for these types of interviews.

Step 6: Get the job offer 

If you make the final cut, Amazon will send you an offer. Generally speaking, the offer they give you is non-negotiable, however, negotiating for more money is up to you.

Step 7: Start training 

Once you accept the offer, your training will begin soon after, and once the training is complete, you will be ready to start working!


We hope this guide helps you become an Amazon driver!