What are the best trade schools for women?

When you think of the term trade school, you don’t typically equate it with education for women. In the past, most people assumed trade school was for people who wanted to get into construction or engineering — career paths with a lower overall female demographic. 

These days, that’s not the case. Women are no longer filling roles of secretaries and executive assistants, and many are looking for low-cost education options that still provide them with a livable wage. Trade school is an option for women that don’t want to attend a four-year institution or put themselves into massive debt to get their education.

These are some of the most popular trade schools for women right now. 

Construction Technology

The construction technology industry is geared toward finding cleaner and green construction practices. It’s a career that is continually growing and provides plenty of opportunities for advancement. 

As far as career growth, construction laborers are expected to grow by 12% through 2026, resulting in an astonishing 180k+ open jobs across the country. 

Dental Assistant

For the woman that likes to help others feel and look their best, a dental assistant is a great opportunity. They help dentists perform procedures, prepare for surgery, and prep patients for exams. 

It’s another industry with steady career growth, projecting 18% growth over 10 years. So, if you’re looking to study something that will land you a job quickly after graduation, becoming a dental assistant is a great option.

Construction Manager

There’s no doubt that construction is still predominantly male, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for women to step in and manage things. A management job generally means you’ll be managing schedules, budgets, staying on top of quality control, and paying attention to safety measures. It doesn’t involve all of the heavy lifting that typical construction jobs do — yet it’s a stable position with career advancement opportunities.

Over the past ten years, the demand for construction managers has increased by 10% and is expected to continue on that trajectory. 

Medical Assistant

Becoming a medical assistant can open up the doors of opportunity for many women. You can work for an individual doctor, at a hospital, or even in a clinic. Your job includes taking down medical histories, providing explanations and explaining potential treatments, and assisting doctors during exams — to name a few things. 

The demand for medical assistants is expected to grow by 23% over the next ten years! That’s a pretty hefty growth, which means the demand remains high. 

Criminal Justice Administration

If you’re hoping to grow your career as a probation officer, child protective services, or administrative/management positions within the criminal justice system — studying this can help you get there faster. 

When it comes to administrators in the field, it continues to grow at an average of 9.1% year over year, and administrative assistants tend to have the highest salaries in the area once they reach a certain level of career growth. 

App Developer

For women that crave creativity and technology, becoming an app developer is an excellent opportunity. While you can go to a traditional college to study development, there are also plenty of trade schools and boot camps that offer an intensive education that puts you into the job market faster. 

As we all know, anything to do with technology and programming is a fast-growing market with the potential salary reach of up to $150k+! 

There’s no doubt women are capable of any career they can dream of these days. These are just a few of the most popular trade school options for women looking for a shorter and faster path to starting their careers.