What are the most popular doctor’s careers?

Believe it or not, when it comes to being a doctor, there are certain careers that stand out amongst the rest. Some popular doctor’s careers have both high salaries and consistent job growth. 

But if you’re considering a medical career, we’ve put together a list of the highest paying doctor jobs.


An anesthesiologist is responsible for assisting surgeons by putting patients under anesthesia. If you’ve ever had surgery, you’ve likely been treated by one!

The growth outlook for this career path is 4% per year and is expected to continue along that path.

Average income: $261,730


If you’ve ever watched a medical drama, you likely know what a surgeon does. Given their specialty, they’re responsible for treating injuries, diseases, and other medical issues via surgery. 

A career as a surgeon provides a lot of opportunities to explore different medical fields. During your internships and residency, you’ll have the chance to work within the different specialties and eventually choose your own. Surgeon careers grow by 1% year over year.

Average Income: $252,040


If you love children or have a desire to help parents as they plan for one of the biggest life changes, becoming a gynecologist or obstetrician could be the right medical career for you. This path is growing by 2% every year and remains one of the highest-grossing medical careers available. 

Average income: $233, 610

Oral Surgeons

Hopefully, you’ve never had to get jaw or face surgery — if you have, you know all about oral surgeons. 

When it comes to medical jobs, this is one of the fastest-growing paths, surging by 7% every year! That means it’s a pretty steady career. On top of that, the pay is at the top of the range. 

Average Salary: $237,570


Think of how many of your friends had braces. Maybe you did yourself? That’s why being an orthodontist is one of the top medical careers, growing at a rate of 7% through 2028. 

They straighten teeth through braces and other treatments to prevent major issues from happening. 

Average Income: $230,830

Now that you know the top medical careers in terms of salary, you can make a more informed decision about the path you want to take. 

Keep in mind, while salary and job growth are great career indicators. You want to ensure you choose a career you’ll enjoy. After all, it takes many years of schooling to complete a degree in the medical industry, which can result in higher student loans. Whatever you choose, be happy with your decision.