How Do I Fill Out FAFSA® for More Than One Child?

Filling out the FAFSA® for multiple children can be tedious, but the FSA has made the process easier for parents by allowing them to transfer their information from one application to the next.

Multiple FAFSA®s, Multiple FSA IDs

The most important thing to remember is that you will need to file separate FAFSA®s for each child. Even though their financial aid awards might be based on the same financial information you provided, the FSA and the school still need to verify the student’s identity.

The same is true for the FSA ID, which you and your children will create and use to electronically sign their FAFSA®s. The FSA ID is tied to each individual’s social security number and serves to confirm the identity of the student or parent.

You and your children can create your FSA IDs here. You will each need your own FSA ID to sign your FAFSA®.

The FSA has made this easier for families but allowing them to transfer parental information from one application to another.

How to Transfer Parent Information to Another FAFSA®

Once you fill out the first FAFSA®, you will be taken to a confirmation page. On that confirmation page, there will be a link that asks if the student wishes to transfer the parents’ information into a new FAFSA®.

After creating the save key for the new application, you’ll see a confirmation that the transfer was complete. As you go through your child’s FAFSA®, you will see that the parental information has already been filled out.

Repeat this process for each subsequent child.

Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Make sure that both you and your children have entered your email addresses correctly before submitting.
  • Once the FAFSA® application is completed, you will both receive emails letting you know the FAFSA® has been processed. It can take up to three business days for the FAFSA® to be processed and sent to the requested colleges.
  • Once you receive this email, read through all of the information once more to ensure that everything you submitted is correct. If there is an error or something has changed since submitting, you can update the information by logging back in with your FSA ID and making changes.

What’s next after filing for your children?

Colleges will begin to contact your children with financial aid offers during the spring. Be sure to read all of the correspondence, so you understand the different offers that are available to you. Once you and your children have made your decisions, be sure to meet the deadlines for filing the paperwork with the college.