How do I find my State Financial Aid Programs

State financial aid is financial aid awarded by the government of a particular state. Many state education agencies, has at least one grant or scholarship program for students.

How does state financial aid eligibility work? 

Eligibility for these programs is generally limited to in-state residents, while some will offer state aid to all students. Keep in mind how state aid programs work varies from state to state.

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administration (NASFAA) has a comprehensive list of the programs offered by each state for students to apply for. You can also reach out to your financial aid office at your school to discuss available options.

How to find state financial aid programs

  1. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is the first step when applying for both federal and state aid.
  2. Contact your state’s higher-education agency after completing your FAFSA® to see what state-specific programs you can apply or be eligible for.
  3. Some states have cross border agreements where residents of neighboring states can receive tuition discounts to attend colleges in other states. This means you could be an out-of-state student paying in-state tuition. You can view the state and regional college discount list here.

State deadlines often correspond to the FAFSA® deadline, but you’ll want to check and make sure when you should have applications in by. 

When applying for financial aid, it’s always important to apply for all financial aid options. So, after filing FAFSA®, be sure to look into scholarships and additional grants. If you have any questions or need help along the way, reach out to our financial aid experts!

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Good luck!