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What Are the Costs of Living on a College Campus?

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Looking at tuition rates is scary enough for parents with a child heading off to college. But there’s another expense that makes the prospect of paying for college even more intimidating: campus life. The costs of living on a college campus can be staggering, with average prices for room and board exceeding $10,000 per year at public colleges and universities. Additional fees and costs can make that number increase even further, adding a significant expense to the college experience.

Find out how much it costs to live on a college campus, including tips for reducing expenses and whether student loans may help cover these costs.

Room and Board

Image via Flickr by University of the Fraser Valley

When considering where to attend school, many students consider the cost of college and the majors provided but often forget to take a look at the location. Room and board can be greatly affected by your school’s location. For instance, if a school is located in New York City the housing cost will be higher than the room and board of a school located in Buffalo. Keep in mind, the location of the school you want to attend when determining if you should attend that school or not. Make sure to research housing options that offer affordable living.

When choosing which school to go to, be mindful of private schools since they are  usually more expensive than public schools. Private schools tend to have the same tuition cost for in-state and out-of-state students, whereas public schools have different tuition prices for out-of-state students. These students often pay more than in-state students that attend public schools. Living on-campus versus living off-campus can also affect your cost of attendance. If you are deciding on whether or not to live on-campus or off-campus take a look at the following charts.