How to Send FAFSA® to More Than 10 Schools?

When completing the FAFSA®, you must list schools you’d like to receive your results. Though there’s a limited number you can list, there’s a workaround if you want your FAFSA® results sent to more than 10 institutions.

You can’t add more than 10 schools to your FAFSA®, but once it’s completed and you receive your SAR, you can use the report so other schools can see the results. You’ll have to contact each additional school’s financial aid department by phone or email. Then, provide them with the data release number listed in your SAR. You’ll also need to share your FAFSA® and Social Security numbers and your name. The institution can then add its school code to your FAFSA®.

The FAFSA® lets you list 10 total schools. If you listed one you didn’t mean to or would like to remove and add a new one, you can make corrections if there’s enough time to do so. You’ll have to resubmit before the deadline, though, so it’s best to submit the FAFSA® as soon as possible each year.