Adding Schools After Completing FAFSA®

Filling out your FAFSA®, especially for the first time, can be a confusing process. Add to that the pressure of picking a college to attend, and you may be so overwhelmed that you fail to include a potential school. In some cases, you may even change your mind altogether and choose to apply to a college altogether.

If you need to add a college after submitting the FAFSA®, simply log into your FAFSA® online and add a new school or school code. Just be sure to make any FAFSA® corrections as soon as possible so that you don’t hinder your chances of receiving the maximum amount of aid possible.

What You’ll Need To Add More Schools To FAFSA®

  • Your FSA ID
  • The school you want to add
  • A FAFSA® that completed processing

Adding More Schools With Online Form, Step By Step

To update your school codes, access your FAFSA® online and follow the steps below.

1. Login with an FSA ID or with student information at

2. Find and select the option to “Make FAFSA Corrections.” Then, enter your FSA ID or personal information.

3. Depending on whether you logged in using your FSA ID or your personal information, you will be prompted to enter your FSA ID and create a save key, or just create a save key.

4. Click “next” on the FAFSA® correction home screen.

5. Locate the “School Selection” page with the school codes and enter the school’s name in the search bar to bring up its code in the database.

6. You will need to know the state in which the college is located as well as its full name or city to bring up an accurate result.

7. Click on the appropriate code and make sure the school is displayed in your list of schools before submitting the corrections. After you’ve verified that the information is correct, click the ‘next’ button.

8. Click on “Sign & Submit” in the top navigation, preview your changes, and then submit. After you submit, you will see a notification that your application is processing.

If Your Form is “Still Processing”

If you log into your account and you see that your form is “still processing,” as pictured below, you will have to wait until your form finishes processing before you can add schools. (Learn more about how long it takes FAFSA to process here.)

After your FAFSA® finishes processing, you will get an email notification and then when you log in you will see the option to add correction.

Sending Your FAFSA® to More Than 10 Schools

No more than 10 colleges can be listed on the FAFSA® at any given time, so adding more than 10 will overwrite a previous code.

If you feel you need to apply to more than 10 schools, there is a way to get around the limit by choosing which school codes to delete when adding additional ones.

  1. When filling out the FAFSA®, list any in-state public colleges first, as this is the best way to be considered for state grants.
  2. Follow up with any colleges that have earlier financial aid deadlines.
  3. Submit your FAFSA®.
  4. Wait for your Student Aid Report (SAR), as this indicates the colleges you listed have received your information.
  5. After receiving the SAR, login to your FAFSA® and delete the original school list.
  6. Create a new school list and then re-submit your FAFSA®.
  7. If you’re applying to more schools, wait to receive your SAR again, then repeat the process for a new batch of schools.

You can also add colleges using the data release number (DRN) located on your SAR. Simply supply this number to the college’s financial aid department, and the school will pull up your FAFSA® information.

The FAFSA® process makes it easy to add schools to your application even after submitting it. No matter how many schools you add, be sure to reach out to each financial aid department directly to see if you need to supply additional documentation before receiving your award letter.

Adding more schools with Frank

If you filed your FAFSA® with Frank, contact us over email, phone, or chat and we will walk you through how to add more schools to your FAFSA®.