Can I Edit My FAFSA® After Submitting It?

Congratulations! You have finished filling out your FAFSA® form, and now it’s time to wait and see what you get awarded. However, you may have realized that something you submitted was incorrect. Now you need to edit your FAFSA® to ensure that it does get processed and you get the right amount of financial aid awarded. Luckily, you can edit information on your FAFSA® form, even after it has been submitted.

Changes You Can Make

If you’ve received your Student Aid Report (SAR) and realized that something on your FAFSA® is incorrect, it’s not too late to make changes. You can change most information on your FAFSA® until it closes for the year or before your schools designated deadline. 

If any of the below information is wrong, you should make the appropriate corrections:

  • Anything that would make a change to your dependency status, such as legal guardianship or pregnancy. If your marital status changes, check with your school’s financial aid office to find out what the next step is.
  • If there is a change in the number of people in your household, if you are selected for verification. This only needs to be changed when selected for verification
  • If you want to update the schools that can see your FAFSA® information, you will need to add the school’s code to your application. Remember that you can only have up to 10 schools listed on your form.

One of the things you cannot change on the FAFSA® is if you put the wrong social security number. If that’s the case, you’ll need to start a new application or contact your financial aid office. 

Making the Changes

There are several ways that you can make changes to your FAFSA form. The best option depends on several factors, including how you submitted your original application, what needs to be changed, and why the changes are occurring.

For many, the easiest option is to make the changes online. You will log in to your FAFSA® application with your FSA ID. Please keep in mind that you must have this ID to make any changes online to your application. Once you are logged in, click on Make FAFSA® Corrections. Here you can change your information and submit the changes.

Another easy option for many is to check with the financial aid office of the school you plan to attend. They may be able to make and submit the changes for you. However, in some cases they may suggest that you fill out a new FAFSA® form and re-submit the application.

The third option is to write the corrections or changes on your paper version of the Student Aid Report (SAR). You will then need to sign it and mail it in. The address you need to mail it to is listed on the SAR.

In most cases, you likely won’t need to make changes or corrections to your FAFSA®. When you do, you have options to ensure that your information is processed correctly.