How Do I Accept Financial Aid?

Congratulations on receiving an offer of financial aid. This will help you worry less about money and focus on your college education. Follow the instructions in your offer letter to accept your financial aid. You may accept an aid offer online or using snail mail.

Understand the Aid and Requirements

Before accepting any financial aid, you should make sure you understand the terms and conditions. There are many different types of aid, including:

  • Scholarships or grants: repayment is not required, but they may have terms, such as maintaining a certain grade point average
  • Work-study aid: repayment is not required, but you must work while studying to qualify
  • Federal, state, private lender, or college loans: this type of aid requires repayment with interest.

Once you’ve read through the terms and are sure you’re happy with the aid, make sure you note the acceptance deadline. You must accept your aid before this date.

Typical Processes for Accepting Aid

The processes for accepting aid vary, depending on who is issuing it. It’s important to read and follow the directions you receive with your aid offer.

In the digital age, you’ll often accept your aid offer by completing an online form. In many cases, you’ll log on to your school’s website, using your student ID, and accept your aid through your online student account. Make sure you enter the correct aid amount before agreeing to the terms and submitting your online form.

Some providers still prefer physical forms submitted by mail. If your aid offer arrives in the mail, you’ll often have to sign the paperwork, then send your completed form to your school. Allow enough time to make sure your acceptance arrives before the deadline.

Accepting an Aid Offer With a Loan

Some aid offers include loans that require repayment, usually with interest. Processes for accepting these aid offers vary, depending on the loan type. You can expect the process to involve a few extra steps though.

You’ll often need to sign a promissory note to confirm you’ll repay the student loan and any interest it accrues. The promissory note will spell out the loan’s terms, so make sure you read it carefully. Your school’s financial aid officer can guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. You might sign a paper promissory note or complete one online.

Do I Need to Accept the Whole Loan Amount?

You don’t need to accept the entire loan amount offered in your financial aid package. Perhaps you’ve decided to stay at home, so your living expenses won’t be as high as the school estimates, for example. You can ask for a smaller loan amount or decline the loan altogether. Speak to your school’s financial aid office to learn how to adjust your loan amount.

Financial aid can ease your money worries when you’re attending college. It’s vital that you read the instructions that come with your aid offer and follow them carefully, to successfully accept the aid.