Making FAFSA® Corrections

Making FAFSA® corrections is as easy as logging into your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) and updating the information by clicking on “Make FAFSA® Corrections.” You can correct errors, update your mailing or email address, add schools, or submit any additional information as needed.

Acceptable Changes to the FAFSA®

Most of the information listed on the FAFSA® is related to your financial and personal circumstances the day you signed the application, but there are some cases in which you will need to make corrections or add new information. When completing your FAFSA® make sure to double-check that your Social Security Number (SSN) is the correct one since you will no longer be able to change your SSN.

After you submit your FAFSA® you will receive a Student Aid Report(SAR), which will give you some information about your eligibility for federal student financial aid. When you receive your SAR, you may notice a mistake that requires immediate correction.

Login to your FAFSA® as soon as possible and make the necessary changes. If you filed your FAFSA® with the wrong SSN, you can change that SSN by entering the correct one on the SAR or by contacting your school’s financial aid office. Your school will be able to change it for you. Otherwise, you will need to start over and submit a new FAFSA®.

If your situation has changed since completing the FAFSA®, you aren’t necessarily allowed to update the application. For instance, if you disclosed your savings amount on the FAFSA® but you’ve since spent it, you cannot go back and change the amount. Reach out to the school to discuss any significant changes to your family’s income that can affect their ability to contribute to your education.

Changes you can make to your FAFSA® include your:

In fact, you must update information related to your dependency status if you become pregnant or are under a new legal guardianship. You don’t necessarily have to change the FAFSA® if you’ve gotten married, but you should speak with the school’s financial aid department to see if updates are required.

If you are selected for verification and there has been a change in the number of members in your household or the number of family members attending college, you must update the FAFSA® as soon as possible. These changes are only required if the financial aid department contacts you for verification purposes, otherwise, you can leave the FAFSA® information as it is.

School FAFSA® Corrections

You can add or change schools as often as you need to, but no more than 10 schools can be listed on your application at any given time. If you’re applying to more than 10 schools, list the first 10 and wait to receive your SAR, then list additional school codes. Waiting to receive your SAR indicates that the schools have also received your FAFSA® information.

How Can I Make Changes to my FAFSA® online?

To make FAFSA® corrections online, you must first login using your FSA ID or your student information.

Once you login, you will see the “Make FAFSA® corrections” option on your FAFSA® portal. You will then select “Make FAFSA® corrections” and it will ask you to make a save key. The save is composed of a four-digit number that you and your parents can use to make corrections to the application. You can change your student demographics, school selection, dependency status, parents’ demographics, and financial information.

To change the school(s) you included in your application, you should select “School selection summary”. You can then remove the school from your list of schools or add up to 10 schools. You can add schools by clicking “Add a school”, then inserting the school’s FAFSA® code or searching up the school by using its demographics such as state, city, and school name. Finally, you will select “Add” when your school shows up in the search results.

Regardless of the type of corrections, you need to make, be sure to update your FAFSA® in a timely manner, as any delay can result in you not receiving financial aid.