How Do I Create My FSA ID?

An FSA ID, or Federal Student Aid ID, is an identification that allows you to access your profile, application, and other information on several Department of Education websites, including the FAFSA® website, as well as sign forms electronically. To create an FSA ID, you’ll need to head over to the Federal Student Aid website.

From there, enter your email, email confirmation, a unique username, and a password. The password must contain a number, lowercase letter, uppercase letter, at least one special character, and be between 8 and 30 characters. After filling out this information, you’ll be prompted to enter some personal information, and you’ll have your very own FSA ID.

What you need to create an FSA ID

Email Address

There are many important reasons you need to include your email address when you’re signing up for your FSA ID.

First, you will receive important information about your account at this email address. Second, if you ever forget your username or password, you can use your email to get them to reset it.

Finally, you can also use your verified email address in place of your username to log in to FSA systems. You can verify your email address by requesting that a secure code be sent to it.


As you’re setting up your FSA ID, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your own username. Your username must be 6 to 30 characters long, and you’re allowed to use any combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.

You should create a username you can easily remember but hard for others to guess. Additionally, since you’re using your FSA ID to log into a secure site, you should avoid using personal information, like your date of birth, first name, or last name, as part of your username.


After you create your username, you’ll make a password. You must create a password that’s between 8 and 30 characters long. You can make any password you would like, but it must have at least three of these four criteria:

  • uppercase letters
  • lowercase letters
  • numbers
  • non-alphanumeric special characters (such as: ! @ # $ & * ( ) [ ] _ – . ?)

Your password will expire and need to be changed every 18 months.

Personal Identification Information

The final information you need to get your FSA ID is your personal information. Here you’ll fill out your first name, middle initial, last name, date of birth, and Social Security number. You can’t use nicknames. Instead, you must use the information exactly as it appears on your Social Security card.

Does My FSA ID Work for a FAFSA® Renewal?

The reason that you need an FSA ID is that it’s the only way you can log into your account. However, filing out a FAFSA®Renewal requires an identification verification from the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you verified your email address, you should receive a confirmation email that your information matched what you originally had on your profile. This typically takes one to three business days. Remember that you can still log into your FSA account, but you can’t file any paperwork.

If you don’t get a verification from the SSA, it could mean that the information you provided on your original account wasn’t correct. That means that you’ll need to log in with your FSA ID to change it. You can also use your FSA ID to check your status, which will say “matched,” “not matched,” or “pending.” Once you have the confirmation, your FSA ID gives you access to all information and filings without any further correspondence.

Creating an FSA ID is the beginning of a lengthy process to get the student financial aid you need to pursue a career and achieve your dreams. It’s important to get your FSA ID as soon as possible. Make sure to sign up today.