Find Cheaper College Courses

Believe it or not, there are ways for students to enroll in cheaper college courses, still get a great education, and avoid mountains of student loan debt!

With college tuition rising at an average of 8% each year, it’s good to know what your options are. Here are some ways to get a cheaper college education without sacrificing your future bank account!

Start taking college classes while in high school

Many high schools offer advanced level classes that students can enroll in. These collegiate level classes satisfy not only high school graduation requirements but also college course requirements. These classes are generally free of cost and have the added benefit of helping you get ahead of your peers.

Depending on how many of these classes you complete, you could start your college career with a semester or two already accounted for without having to pay those high tuition costs.

Take advantage of community college courses

Community colleges sometimes get a bad rep. They’re actually really great if you want to take cheaper college courses while still getting a quality education. Many community colleges have articulation agreements with 4-year colleges and universities, making the transfer process transparent and straightforward.

The great thing to know is that community colleges, on average, are almost 60% cheaper than 4-year colleges. That’s major savings and definitely something worth looking into when it comes to completing your first and second years of school.

Taking courses online can save you thousands

Online courses are a great way to save money! They also have the added benefit of flexibility. So not only can you save money by taking cheaper courses online, but you can also work more hours to save money while completing your degree.

These three methods for taking cheaper college courses have a track record of success for students.

Everyone wants to save money, and there’s no reason to have to pay a crazy high premium for quality education. The first and most important step in a cheaper education is to file your FAFSA®! See what types of financial aid packages you can receive and how you can stretch those funds to help pay for those cheaper college courses.