How many college credits do I have?

New college students are often left wondering how many college credits they have. Luckily, there’s a simple formula that most colleges use to calculate credits. 

How many college credits do I have?

Think about it this way — one college credit is equal to one hour of class. If you have a class that meets once a week for three hours, that class is worth three credits. 

There are always variations to this, but you can count one hour of class as one credit in general. 

College Catalog

You can also take a look at your college catalog to see how many credits your courses are. Once you have the number of each, add them together, and that’s how many credits you’ve taken this semester. 

Your Transcripts

To get an overall look at how many credits you’ve taken since you started college, look at your transcripts. 

This should outline every course you’ve passed and how many credits it was worth. It will also tell you the accumulated credits you have. Knowing how many credits you have altogether can help you figure out how many you still have left before graduation. 

Talk To Your School

If you still don’t understand how many credits you have or are concerned that your transcripts’ information is incorrect, contact your admissions counselor. As we mentioned before, some schools have their own credit system. To ensure you have the right information, it’s always best to talk to a counselor directly. They should be able to walk you through your plan and figure out where you stand. 

Your credits help you determine how long you have before you graduate or meet your major’s requirements. Keeping track of them is incredibly important. Use these three techniques to keep track of our credits as you progress through your college education.