How to raise your GPA in one semester

Your GPA matters when it comes to college. Your financial aid, grad school applications, and even certain internships may have GPA requirements for acceptance criteria. This means that you need to be aware of your grades and know-how to get back on track if your GPA slips.

Here are some tips on how to raise your GPA in a single semester.

Improving attendance and participation can help raise your GPA

Believe it or not, but attendance plays a major role in your grade. Some classes give you 10-15% just for showing up and participating in discussions. If you found yourself skipping classes your previous semester, start showing up. It will make a difference.

Sounds simple enough, but simply adding more weekly study sessions can help raise your GPA

And I don’t mean an all-night cram session. This is a night where you take 30-minutes a week to review past and present class work — for each class. Refresh the material, and you’ll be ready for midterms before you know it. 

Did you know you could retake failed classes to raise your GPA?

If you failed a class previously, you could usually retake it. If you get a higher grade, it’ll replace the failing grade and bring up your GPA.  

Enroll in some general education classes

Depending on where you are in your program, you might knock out some lower electives that can count towards your degree and graduation. Sometimes these courses have a lighter workload or familiar material, so you spend less time preparing or studying.

If you have one or two of these classes every semester, they will help you balance your workload and your GPA with a nice bump, assuming you get a high grade, of course.

Getting a full night’s sleep is important!

Studies show that students who try to cram the night before and run on caffeine with little sleep struggle with their grades. Be careful you don’t burn yourself out. Stay organized and manage your time, and make sure you get plenty of rest during the week. This will help you retain information and not get overwhelmed with trying to retain large amounts of information all at once.

Take a look at your GPA and make sure it’s where you want it to be and, if not, make a goal to get there. With these above tips, you should be able to get organized and get your grades back on track.

Good luck with your studies!