What is a Gap Year Program?

A gap year is when students take a year after graduating high school before starting the first year of college to pursue other interests or opportunities. While some students may choose to travel, volunteer, or even work, some programs are designed for students interested in taking a gap year after high school.

Types of Gap Year Programs

There are gap year programs that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but if you’re like most students, and don’t have an extra 10k laying around, don’t worry! There are plenty of affordable options.

Some schools offer gap year programs as part of their college curriculum, which includes using financial aid to pay for it. Other schools partner with organizations to offer volunteer opportunities abroad and cover many of their expenses for traveling.

Here are some examples of Gap Year Programs that might interest you:

  • National Civilian Community Corps: This is a program offered by AmeriCorps for adults between ages 18-24 and covers all expenses, including room & board, meals, transportation, etc., for a 10-month commitment.
  • FEMA Corps: In partnership with AmeriCorps, this program allows people to volunteer for disaster relief support. This program is an excellent opportunity for those interested in the government and emergency management sector. It’s also a great opportunity to begin your professional network if pursuing a career with FEMA is something you would like to do later on.

There aren’t many official gap year programs, but if you look at different schools and organizations, you might be able to find opportunities where you can put this time to good use. Through non-profit, government, and private sector programs, you can gain valuable experience and begin building a strong network to help you choose the right path both educationally and professionally.