How many credits are needed for a bachelor’s degree?

How many credits are needed for a bachelor’s degree? Bachelor’s degrees generally require 120 credits to graduate, and most students can complete this within 4-5 years. The average student will enroll in 5 courses worth three credits each or 15 credits per semester.

In doing so, students at this rate complete 30 credits per year (2 semesters per year) and 120 credits completed after four years.

What if you want to complete your degree sooner?

If you want to complete your degree sooner, students use two common options to complete their degree more quickly:

Complete summer courses

Most schools will host one or two summer sessions and take up to 2 classes in each session.

 Since the duration is shorter, each class is longer, so many schools only allow up to 2 classes per session. Depending on the credit hours, students can complete 6-12 credit hours each session.

Enroll in 18 credits per semester 

Some schools have tuition caps for credit hours, meaning that the tuition cost is the same for 15 credits and above. Not only does this lead to cost savings, but if you can enroll and complete 6 classes each semester, you will shorten the amount of time it takes to earn your degree. 

At 18 credits per semester, you can finish a 4-yr degree in as little as three to three and a half years. Keep in mind; you will have a significantly bigger class load.

It’s important to note that this information is based on averages. It is possible, especially for transfer students, that you may end up taking more than 120 credits to complete your bachelor’s degree. It’s always best to contact your school directly and work with an academic advisor for specifics on credit requirements.