How many credits are needed for an associate’s degree?

Associate’s degrees are awarded by junior colleges, community colleges, and universities/colleges that award bachelor’s degrees. Most associate degree programs have an average requirement of 60 credits, usually, students complete these within 2 years.

The timeline above depends on the average student completing 15 credits per semester and two semesters per year.

How do I know what classes to take to earn an associate’s degree?

There are some course requirements when it comes to completing an associate’s degree, as you won’t be able just to complete the first 60 credits of your choosing. You’ll need to work with your school’s academic advisor to ensure you meet all of the general education and program-specific graduation requirements. 

Most of the general education requirements are humanities, algebra, English, and so on and are usually similar to what’s needed should you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree later.

In some cases, schools may require 80 credits to complete an associate’s degree. So, you must work with an advisor to ensure you are meeting all graduation requirements to obtain your degree successfully.

If you know that you are going to eventually pursue a bachelor’s degree, you should inform your academic advisor so they can help set you up for success in selecting a program that will transfer most/all of your credits or carry-on into your bachelor’s degree curriculum.

When it comes to cost savings, earning an associate’s degree at a state or community college is often the most affordable college option for students. To weigh your options, you should speak to your college’s financial aid office and see what opportunities they have for in-state students.