Do I Lose Credits if I Change Majors?

In short, no, you won’t lose credits if you decide to change majors in college.

If your current major doesn’t seem like the best fit, don’t worry! You won’t lose any credits if you decide to change your major and continue studying at the same school. But, depending on your year of study and how far along you are in your degree program, you might need to take extra classes.

Here’s an example, if you are an Art History Major looking to enter the Law School at your college, many of your general education requirements will likely carry over to count towards your Law Degree. If you are a sophomore, the change might have almost no impact on you going into the Law School Program.

For a student in their junior or senior year that is enrolled in all higher-level courses about Art History might find only some of those classes count toward their degree. Higher level students will have to take on new classes relevant to the Law Program. This will come at an added cost, and you’ll end up graduating with more credits than originally required.

So, it’s not that your credits get lost when changing majors. It’s that specific classes might not be relevant to your graduation requirements.

Deciding to change majors as an upperclassman could delay graduation, so it’s important to speak with your academic advisor as soon as possible. They’ll help you outline which classes satisfy credits for your new major and create a graduation plan.

On average, 80% of college students change their major at least once. So, if you find yourself wanting something new or changing your mind, don’t worry! Take your time and consider your options.