How to Complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Two Years

A Bachelor’s degree usually takes up to four years to complete. However, the increasing cost of pursuing a college education has caused students to think of other alternatives. One option is to earn a bachelor’s degree in just two years to avoid additional costs.  

Typically, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree must earn at least 120-semester credit hours (about 40 courses) over four years.

Pursuing a two year Bachelor’s degree will make you an untraditional student. It will require more from you than other students. You will need to be disciplined, self-motivated, and concentrated, but it’s possible. 

There are certain things you can do to earn the required credit hours to graduate in two years:

  • Complete one year worth of college credits by taking 5 CLEP Exams
  • Earn one year worth of college credits by taking other exams subject exams
  • Earn two years worth of college credits with accelerated online classes

Completing one year of college credits by taking 5 CLEP exams 

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers 34 exams covering intro-level college courses material. This exam gives students with prior knowledge of introductory college courses the opportunity to showcase their mastery of the subject.  

By taking 5 CLEP exams, you can earn up to 30 credit hours towards your Bachelor’s degree.

Earn one year of college credit by taking other exams such as DSST, and UExcel

The DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) exams are college subject tests that you can take to earn college credit for knowledge you acquired outside of a traditional classroom environment. The DSST is composed of 38 subject exams that cover anything from Business to Foreign languages. 

UExcel® is a credit-by-examination program that allows students to earn college credit for learning acquired elsewhere. Like the DSST exam, UExcel® offers exams in Business, Humanities & Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences.

By taking these types of exams, you can earn up to 12 credit hours with a single exam. If you take and pass numerous exams, you can quickly accumulate 60 credit hours to count towards your degree. Keep in mind that the amount of college credit awarded varies by college and universities and test scores.

The average exam costs about $80. If you can’t afford to pay for all the exam fees, reach out to your academic advisor. Your school may be able to waive some exam fees if you demonstrate the need for financial assistance.  

Keep in mind there are other exams out there that may qualify for college credits as well. We encourage you to discuss those exams with your school to confirm that you’ll receive the credit for taking and passing them. 

Earn two years worth of college credits with accelerated online classes

Accelerated online classes are known for the schedule flexibility it provides to students. It also allows students to earn a degree in a shorter, more convenient way. 

Students have the option to go at their own pace and earn a degree whenever they are ready. However, accelerated online classes often go at a fast pace. 

By taking two online classes at a time, you can potentially earn up to 36 credit hours in 12 months with 8-week courses. 

To no one is a surprise that completing a bachelor’s degree in two years can be challenging and overwhelming. You will have to commit to your studies more than your fellow classmate and invest 30-40 hours of your time per week.

This may feel like a lot (which it is), but the rewards will compensate for all your hard work. Earning a bachelor’s degree in just two years can significantly reduce the classroom time through a combination of credit by examination and accelerated online classes.