Types of College Majors

As you begin preparing for college, one of your primary considerations will be what college major to choose. The college major you pick will shape your future career options, so it’s essential to explore all of your career choices and choose a major that best fits what you want to accomplish.

There are hundreds of different types of undergraduate college majors available. These are some of the most commonly chosen and the most readily available at various colleges and universities around the country.

A Political Science College Major

Political science is the study of the politics of governments. You can focus your studies on the American government, international affairs, public policy, foreign policy, political philosophy, or comparative government.

A college major in political science is great for people who want to learn to think more critically, want to build their communication skills, and want to learn more about history and cultures around the world. A political science major will have a lot of reading and writing to do as well as several complicated math and statistical analysis courses.

Possible career paths for political science majors are varied. You can become a lawyer, politician, judge, work in diplomatic relations, or go into journalism.

A Business College Major

A college business major is an excellent option for students who are interested in problem-solving, number-crunching and building their presentation skills. You’ll be able to study communications, mathematics, public speaking, marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and human resources.

Business majors also look at how organizations can better deal with and improve diversity, ethics, politics, and the environment. 

Possible career options include corporate roles in different departments. This is also a great major for people who feel they may want to start their own business.

An English Literature College Major

English literature college major is a varied major that is great for book-lovers. You’ll explore everything from Shakespeare to Edgar Allen Poe. Many colleges allow you to focus your major on a specific period, geographic location, or genre.

Most English literature majors don’t just include reading, but also writing and verbal analysis. You’ll focus on English grammar in all of the works you explore and learn about how language can be used in all types of ways. You’ll look at fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and journalistic pieces.

A college degree in English literature can prepare you for a career in journalism, publishing, creative writing, law, or for further graduate studies.

A Communications College Major

Communications college majors will learn all about how to communicate effectively. You will analyze everything from speeches and scripts to journalistic materials and business memos.

A degree in communications will teach you about how to understand and relay both verbal and nonverbal messages. It will teach you about audience reactions and the effects of different types of communications in all kinds of environments.

Students who are communication majors open the doors for a variety of career opportunities. Good communication is necessary for just about every industry, especially in public relations, business, human resources, advertising, education, government, media, or social services.

A Psychology College Major

Psychology majors learn about lots of different features of the human mind. As a psychology college major, you will focus on human intelligence, motivation, cognition, perception, mental disorders, personality, and how our environment shapes these different things.

If you choose this as your college major, you can expect to take classes such as the history of psychology, developmental psychology, experimental psychology, social psychology, and the psychology of learning. Every college will have different electives that will allow you to focus a little bit more depending on where you want to take your career.

Students who choose to major in psychology can use their degree to become therapists, counselors, teachers, child development specialists, lawyers, or continue their studies with postgraduate psychology courses.

A Nursing College Major

If you want to have a career in medicine that allows you to foster relationships, help people, and sometimes deal with the heartbreaking side of care, then a nursing college major may be perfect for you. 

Nursing is a very hands-on major, and it will teach you how to evaluate, diagnose, and treat health problems using the latest technologies available. During your first year, nursing majors take the same science and liberal arts courses that are required of all first-year students. You will then begin your clinical experience at a hospital or other nearby healthcare facilities in the second semester of your sophomore year. 

To complete your nursing certification, you will be required to take a certification exam after graduation. Only once you pass this will you be officially registered. Registered Nurses have a lot of job prospects available to them around the country as well as internationally. It opens you up to working with different healthcare fields as well, such as neurology, oncology, geriatrics, pediatrics, and obstetrics.

An Engineering College Major

Engineering is a broad major that covers a wide range of courses. You will likely need to choose a more focused topic once selecting your engineering major, such as mechanical, aeronautical, computer technology, or biomedical.

 No matter what type of engineering college major you choose, it will combine math, science, and technology. The aim is to teach you how to create solutions to the different problems that you may face in real-life situations. 

A college degree in engineering can prepare you to work in so many different fields, from military and government roles to software creation. A college degree in engineering is also a great base to have for those that want to continue onto postgraduate studies in engineering.

An Education College Major

If becoming a teacher is something that you’ve dreamed of, an education major may be the best option for you. A major in education also allows you to delve deeper into specific ages or styles of teaching, such as early childhood development or English as a second language teaching. 

The first year and a half of your college major will include core liberal arts classes, and then during your second year of study, you will be able to focus more on the different types of education that you want to pursue. 

An undergraduate degree in education isn’t just for teachers; it’s also an excellent base for those that want to go on to become social workers, psychologists, and physicians.

These are just a few of the many options you have available to you. The best thing you can do is look into the career that interests you most and learn about what it will take to get you there.