Can I Take A Course At Another College?

Yes, you can take a course at another college. However, there are a few things you have to be sure of when deciding to do so. 

Can I take courses at another college?

Taking courses at two colleges at the same time is called dual-enrollment. While it’s not super common, it is an option for students who choose to do so.

One of the colleges you’re going to will be your “main college.” In other words, the one that will be awarding you your degree when it comes time to graduate. Your primary college is the one you need to communicate most with if you decide to take courses at another school. 

Here’s why.

Transferable Courses

The first thing you need to do if you’re looking at attending courses outside of your main college is to make sure that the course you’re taking will transfer. If it doesn’t transfer, you’re likely wasting both your time and money to take a class that won’t count towards graduation.

If you’re unsure if a course transfers, you’ll want to talk to your academic advisor. They can tell you what courses will transfer from your secondary school and which ones won’t. This is excellent information to have on hand if you decide to continue taking classes at another college. 

Communicate With Your Main College

Throughout this process, it’s essential to communicate with your admissions office, so you ensure that your courses count towards your degree requirements. The last thing you want is to get to the end of your education and find out that the final class has yet to be counted. 

You also want to confirm with your school that they’ll continue to honor those course credits until you graduate. Schools change their credit structure from time-to-time, which means your credits could stop being transferable after a certain period. 

Taking courses at two different colleges can save you a significant amount of money off your college tuition, especially if you plan to take your additional credits at a community college. But, there’s plenty to plan for if you take this route. Double and triple-check that your credits will transfer and that your school is willing to count that class towards your requirements.