Can I transfer my course to another college?

The short answer is yes, you can transfer your course to another college. There is a process that you will have to follow and of course, transfer acceptance does vary from school to school.

Transferring Courses to Another College

Here is a breakdown of how to go about the transfer process and determine if your course will actually transfer:

  • Work with your school’s Academic Advisor to review your transfer plan. Ask about the school’s articulation (or transfer) agreement and see if your intended school of transfer is included in the agreement.
  • If your school of transfer is part of a transfer agreement with your current school, then the transfer process will be pretty simple. Most likely all, if not almost all, of your courses, will transfer to your new school. Your academic advisor can help work with the other school as well to make the transfer process quick and seamless.
  • If your school of transfer is not included in the transfer agreement, then you should contact their Academic Office and provide them with a copy of your transcript. They might reach out to your current school to find out the material covered in the courses you have completed to see if it is compliant with their requirements.
  • If your course is not compliant with your future school’s requirement, then you might need to take another class, ask about an exam to waive the class requirement, or retake the class at your new school.
  • After you find out about your course transfer eligibility, the next steps will be coordinated between you and the two schools to make sure any additional documents and forms are completed and sent over on time. This can be high school transcripts, current school transcripts, financial aid documents, and so on.

The academic offices of both your current and future schools, as well as academic advisors, will help you make the transfer as simple as possible.

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