How do you transfer your credits?

Transferring credits is different depending on the two schools you’re transferring between. While some schools easily accept most college courses, others have stricter requirements around which credits transfer. 

How do you transfer your credits?

Transferring your credits is a multistep process. And we’ll be honest; it’s not always easy. But here’s what you should know going into the process.

First, Talk To Your Current School

Some schools have articulation agreements to work together to help students transfer from one to the other. Your best starting point is to talk with your academic advisor about where you’re planning on transferring.

They can look at your transcripts and give you a concrete idea of what will transfer and what won’t. 

Talk to The Admissions Office At Your New School

Next up, talk to the admissions office at the school you’re planning to transfer to. They can pair you up with an advisor on your end that can put together an academic plan based on your transferable credits. They will also be able to say with absolute certainty which credits you can take with you to the new school. 

What’s Next?

Your new school will need a sealed copy of your transcripts from your previous school. They will then officially advise you which courses transfer over. However, if you’ve already been in contact with an academic advisor, none of this will come as a shock to you. 

They will let you know what you still have left to complete your education, and you can go from there.

The good news is that it’s usually possible to transfer most of your lower-level courses. It’s when you get into major-specific classes that things get complicated. 

Either way, you’ll know what to expect if you go into the process prepared and ready to work hard.