What Are Pre Approved Formal Agreements on Transferable Coursework?

Pre-Approved formal agreements on transferable coursework are similar to an articulation agreement between colleges. 

So, what’s an articulation agreement?

When you go to a two-year college, you’re likely considering eventually transferring to a four-year university. One of the biggest aspects of transferring is ensuring that your courses are comparable at the school you intend to transfer to.

This process isn’t always easy. But if you happen to be transferring to a school that has an articulation agreement with your current school, it could be a lot easier for you.

An articulation agreement between schools ensures that your courses will transfer over without any significant issues. Rather than going through your transcript course by course to see if your credits transfer over, you can rest assured that the two schools will work together.

What does that mean for me?

Suppose you’re attending an in-state community college and plan to transfer to an in-state college or university, and your state has articulation agreement rules in place. In that case, your transfer is likely to be easy. 

However, in most cases, these agreements do not extend to schools outside of your state. And they don’t necessarily extend to every single school. 

To know whether the schools you’re considering have an articulation agreement in place, you should talk to an academic counselor at your school. A counselor can help you research and prepare for the transfer process. They can also provide you with a list of schools that have an articulation agreement in place so that you can choose from them when the time comes. 

Chances are, you’ll already know what schools your community college has an agreement with, as it’s usually viewed as a bonus to attending that specific school. 

Transferring isn’t an easy process. Attending a school that’s worked hard to put agreements in place is a blessing when it comes time to go through the process. It’s one less thing you have to worry about during a crazy time in your life.